Wildfires The situation of wildfires in Kalajoki is stable and the risk of spreading has decreased – Weather forecasts for the next few days are favorable for firefighting

On Friday night, the size of the fire area was refined to about 290 acres. There are still plenty of staff on site.

In Northern Ostrobothnia The situation of wildfires in Kalajoki has remained stable, the River Valleys Rescue Department announced on Saturday afternoon. The spread of the fire was stopped the night before Thursday. The Rescue Department received an alarm on the fire on Monday.

On Friday night, the size of the fire area was refined to about 290 acres. There is currently no immediate need to evacuate nearby residents.

Rescue Department according to the boundaries of the fire zone have been maintained and the situation is now stable. The risk of the fire spreading on Saturday evening was considered low.

According to the rescue service, the weather forecasts for the next few days look favorable in terms of extinguishing the fire.

According to the rescue service, the extinguishing work at this stage is water extinguishing with the help of hoses and shower pipes, as well as digging out fire outbreaks. There are still two civil service departments in the area from the Defense Forces, which provide official assistance for extinguishing.

Friday’s rain didn’t put out the fire, but it was of little help.

Friday night the main focus was on extinguishing the edges of the fire area and preventing the fire from spreading beyond the boundary lines. At night, it has also been possible to start extinguishing fires within the fire area.

On Friday, there were rain showers in the area, which reduced the risk of fire from the tops of the trees, but otherwise their help was meager.

The Rescue Department says that smoke generation has been significantly reduced overnight. However, downwind residents and property owners are urged to continue to monitor the situation and, if necessary, close windows and ventilation.

On Friday, the soldiers who arrived from the Kainuu Brigade waited with their tracked vehicles at the edge of the forest for information on where the help would be taken.

During the night the staff was present at about a hundred people per shift. In addition, the terrain includes equipment from local machine operators, such as excavators.

If necessary, the machinery will be added on Saturday morning, as the machinery will play a significant role in the current shutdown work. They make it easier to progress in difficult terrain.

During Friday, a request for official assistance was submitted to all Finnish rescue services, asking them to map the assistance forces until Friday, 6 August.

On Friday, a request was sent to the Voluntary Rescue Service (Vapepa) to map the personnel available for maintenance and support tasks.



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