Wildfires The risk of spreading wildfires in Kalajoki has decreased significantly

The risk of spreading cannot be completely ruled out, but the situation of wildfires is said to have remained stable on Sunday morning.

River valleys The rescue service announces on Sunday morning that the risk of the spread of wildfires in Kalajoki in Northern Ostrobothnia has currently substantially decreased.

The risk of spreading cannot be completely ruled out, but the situation of wildfires is said to have remained stable.

However, the risk of the weather spreading has decreased, as no strong winds have been promised in the area for the next few days.

Instead, on Tuesday and Wednesday, the winds can intensify so that the gusts can be strong, up to more than 10 meters per second. Gusty winds increase the risk of fire bursting into flames again in places.

The extinguishing of wildfires continues almost uninterrupted in Kalajoki, photo from Saturday 31 July.

Rescue Department says that for occupational safety reasons, shutdown work must now be suspended at night for the darkest time. Otherwise, the shutdown work will continue uninterrupted with about a hundred people per shift.

There is still official assistance from the Defense Forces, but there are no more Defense Forces helicopters in the area. Instead, the air is aided by planes brought by the River Valleys Rescue Department and other rescue services, as well as fire control planes, which continue to visit the area every three hours.

During the night between Saturday and Sunday, a pipeline of about two kilometers has been completed in the area. A high-power pump from Stora Enso’s factory fire department will arrive from South Karelia, which can supply up to 10,000 liters of extinguishing water per minute to the line.

The Rescue Department also says that smoke generation has been significantly reduced.

On Friday night, the size of the fire area was refined to about 290 acres. The spread of the fire was stopped the night before Thursday. The Rescue Department received an alarm on the fire on Monday.



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