Wildfires A wildfire in South Africa has destroyed Cape Town’s historic campus library

A wildfire broke out on Sunday in Pöytävuori National Park on the outskirts of the city. The fire has damaged people’s homes and historic buildings.

South Africa A wildfire raging on the slopes of Pöytävuori, located on the outskirts of Cape Town, has spread to the city’s university. The fire has destroyed the historic library on campus and hundreds of students have been forced to flee.

The AFP news agency and the US news channel, among others, report on the wildfire that broke out on Sunday. CNN.

Mayor of Cape Town Dan Platon according to at least one member of the fire department has been hospitalized for the burns he received. According to CNN, a total of more than 120 members of the fire department have been involved in extinguishing the large-scale fire.

Authorities say the fire has damaged people’s homes as well as historic buildings. South African Broadcasting Corporation SABC says the historic windmill Mostert’s Mill in Cape Town’s Mowbray has been destroyed by fire.

The historically significant Mostert mill was badly damaged by fire on April 18, 2021 in Cape Town.­

Pöytävuori National Park has asked on social media for hikers to leave the area and motorists to move their vehicles near the park.

Been in the national park on Sunday Lisette Lombard says On Twitter in his video he ran away from the fire.

“My car was destroyed in a fire like other cars and a restaurant, but thank God we are safe. I have never experienced a fire that spreads so unpredictably fast. I respect our fire department so much, ”Lombard praised later in the suite.

South Africa National Parks (SANP), which manages the country’s national parks bulletin according to the area is closed to roads and those passing by are urged to be vigilant.

Fire estimated to have spread from open flames. American newspaper Washington Post writes that a homeless person would have ignited a fire accidentally. The assessment is based on an investigation by SANP.

According to the SANP bulletin, there had been very old pines and particles detached from them in the area, which contributed to the rapid spread of the fire. In addition, the wildfire is said to have formed a wind current that further accelerated the rate of spread.

Authorities said the fire alarm was received on Sunday morning.

According to AFP and SABC, three helicopters have been assisting in the extinguishing work, dropping water on the flames. According to a SANP bulletin, according to a representative of the rescue personnel of Pöytävuori National Park, there would be four helicopters in use in the area, in addition to which there will be tank and fire trucks.

Cape Town is the second largest population center in the country.

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