Where is he now Actor Lasse Karkjärvi performed Heka in the super-popular Fakta chore – but where is he now?

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Actor Lasse Karkjärvi sits on a shady bench in Hesperia Park in Helsinki. Horse chestnuts bloom solemnly.

Karkjärvi is remembered for his role with his hands in his pockets and his rubber boots standing on his feet in the Hekana cult series of the 1980s Fact about it.

In Heka, something quite essential about a certain type of Finnish man condensed.

“Our hubby said yes I Lasse I know you’re imitating me. It has faience and an upstairs hubby. ”

Karkjärvi says that when he, as a young man, wanted to borrow his father’s car for the evening, he had to start driving in four countries in the afternoon. No explanation of the father was taken, he squirmed and kept the questioner in his fingers until the last.

“It was a warlike hubby. One variety of grinder. ”

Karkjärvi has Heka’s cap and black, thick-brimmed bats.

Karkjärvi still has Hekka’s inverted army cap and black, thick-brimmed bats.

He lives on the other side of the park in the artist’s home in Lalluka, in the middle of the most conservative Töölö. The house sings and rehearses replicas and the staircase smells like oil paint. It is wonderful.

It is a pity that Korona has taken the work from Kurkjärvi for two summers. There went the roles in the summer theater once again.

There are long periods of inactivity in a freelance actor’s life, but this is already too much.

Lasse Karkjärvi Facts about Hekana in 1996.

Lasse Karkjärvi is from the shadow of the factory in Valkolammi. The ships remained to be loaded at the port for a week, and the trade showed a wide variety of crowds.

The community was close. He remembers how the mui kept ice for all the children.

It was a great way to grow. Karkjärvi is appalled by how important the shell and the exterior are to young people today. Being ruthless in everything that is weak and small and strange in itself, even though it is just the most sympathetic.

After school, Karkjärvi worked as a decorator at Loviisa Elanto Centrum. He made setups for shop windows and texted ads.

Three times he went to Theater School when the guys tried too. It had almost become a habit by the time you warped. In 1981, Karkjärvi then received a call to Elanto.

“I shouted into the handset that I didn’t think so and threw the phone on.”

That year, 840 students and 14 were admitted to the Theater School.

“I don’t know what the jury saw in me.”

Second During the academic year of the theater school, he took the reins Jouko Turkka. “It shouted so that the head left.”

Fear and trembling were collectively felt in the group. The exercises were tough. Once in an hour, Karkjärvi just cried and cried, and it didn’t end at all. He asked Turka if he could go out for a walk and calm down.

“It’s the roof me that the weather can. Maybe the weather will take some poison. ”

Although Jouko Turkka was tough, he looked after.

There was a feeling that even though Turkey was tough, he was looking after him.

After the incident, Karkjärvi felt that he was in the outer ring. Turk no longer gave feedback, looked but said nothing. It was the worst.

At the end of the third year, Turkka invited Karkjärvi to an empty class. Karkjärvi thought that now it will come, now he will be kicked out of school. But Turkka said that the director Hannele Rubinstein would like him as his progg.

“It was a relief. But yes, its hawk watch followed us, it did not leave us alone. ”

Fact the job after that, Karkjärvi made a career in departmental theaters. He received valuable racing lessons from older colleagues. It was easier to practice the finished texts in peace. “After its robbery.”

In 1992, Karkjärvi became a freelancer. It has been a memorable job in recent years A hundred-year-old who escaped the window Theater in Imatra.

Fact about it has finally guided Kurkjärvi’s career a little bit. The cap and rills disguised so well that your own face didn’t really wear out.

Karkjärvi took the lesson from Turka that the actor is an instrument. He comes on stage, makes his own, and leaves. One should not start imagining anything about oneself.

“There are no small roles, there are only small people. Yes, everything suits me. ”



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