Whatsapp Web trick to view messages without leaving a read receipt



whatsapp web

Trick to read the last message of a chat without the blue pimps appearing.

Whatsapp web It is one of the most used communication and chat platforms on the market. It is the browser version of the popular chat that allows us to comfortably use it while we are working from the computer.

However, the platform has a disadvantage, especially for those concerned about their privacy: when you open a chat, the person immediately sees the two blue checkmarks to confirm reading. But since there is a solution for everything, we are going to tell you about a simple trick, without the need to install anything or complex maneuvers, to avoid this.

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With this trick you can read the last message in a chat from WhatsApp Web:

1. When you get a message in a chat, don’t open it or click on it.
2. Simply hover over the chat, on the left side of the screen, over the name of the contact or group that wrote to you, the mouse cursor.
3. After a few seconds of leaving the mouse cursor still, the full displayed message will appear, which you can read without leaving a trace.

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Note that you will only be able to read the last message of that chat. If the person sent you two or more messages previously, you will not be able to read them with this trick. The hack works fine and doesn’t send a read notification to the person, as long as they don’t click the chat.

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