Weekend food Prepare easy schnitzelit from chicken breasts or season whole chicken with trendy miso paste

Succulent thighs should be put in a saucepan to simmer.

Complete the chicken fits even at the Easter table. Refresh your image of a 1970s dry oven chicken, and cook a Japanese-glazed, succulent whole chicken. The trendy miso paste spices to make the drop wonderful. Serve the rice with the bird or put on a baking sheet to ripen whole potatoes.

Sauce may not be needed, but you may want to offer chili-flavored mayonnaise as a pick-up.

The whole chicken gets a good taste when a spicy miso paste is rubbed on its surface.­

Schnitzelille could write many words of praise, for the crispy baking beneath which hides the succulent gut is something irresistibly wonderful. This clip is made from chicken breast and rolled in breadcrumbs instead of breadcrumbs.

Serve with schnitzel warm pea salad and mashed potatoes, for example.

Household lessons the classic, chicken and rice in an oven dish, is refreshed to a plush taste thanks to Greek ingredients.

In the one-pan food cooked in the gentle embrace of the oven, the chicken gets a pair of garlic, feta and olives. Finish the food with fresh herbs and serve as is – or seasoned with tsatsik.

Chicken casserole with Greek flavors is a handy one-dish dish.­

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