Weather Winter holiday week starts in the southern part of the country with a brisk snowstorm, Uusimaa promises very bad driving from this afternoon

Snowfall will certainly have a significant impact on Monday afternoon traffic, the Finnish Meteorological Institute predicted.

First the winter holidays for schoolchildren on holiday begin with a brisk snowstorm off the south coast. The school winter holidays started in southern Finland on Monday.

“There will be a real snowfall in the south on Monday, which will start in the south-west of the country in the morning and spread east along the south coast in the afternoon, but will reach the inland to Pirkanmaa as well,” the meteorologist on duty Iiris Viljamaa The Finnish Meteorological Institute said.

According to Viljamaa, there will be snow until Tuesday, when the rain in the morning and morning will weaken in Southwest Finland and Satakunta.

“All in all, new snow will be obtained by 20–25 centimeters, focusing on Uusimaa and east in the direction of Kotka and Lappeenranta.”

Driving may become very bad on Monday day in Southwest Finland due to snowfall.

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“The snowfall will certainly have a significant impact on Monday afternoon traffic.”

In the Helsinki region, snowfall is expected to be detrimental to traffic from this afternoon. A warning about very bad driving conditions is in force in Uusimaa, Kymenlaakso and Åland on Monday between 2 pm and 11 pm. According to Viljamaa, the snowfall in the later hours of the afternoon can also cause damage in the directions of Tampere and Pori.

Although There is less frost in the middle stages of Suomineido, 5–7 degrees below zero, and in the southern part below it, outdoor enthusiasts should pay attention to clothing.

“Monday and Tuesday are awkward in the south because the east wind is gusty and gusty. It makes you feel more stormy when it snows with a strong wind. ”

As Tuesday progresses, the winds will first turn north and weaken.

“We will be temporarily high pressure by Wednesday. That’s when there are weak winds and frost all over the country, and it’s definitely nice outdoor weather with the right equipment. “

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Even in the south, there may be 10 degrees Celsius on Wednesday and 15 degrees in Lapland.

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