Weather Valtteri snowstorm hits Finland this weekend – “Storm readings no later than Sunday”

The Finnish Meteorological Institute introduced the harshest traffic weather warning in Uusimaa on Saturday. Snowfall will be low only in central and northern Lapland.

As a waltz named snowstorm will hit Finland this weekend. Meteorologist of the Finnish Meteorological Institute Jari Tuovinen according to the permit there is such a strong wind that we can talk about a storm.

“The winds will get stronger so that we will go to the level of the storm no later than Sunday,” Tuovinen said on Friday.

During Saturday and Sunday, the low-pressure center brings heavy snowfall, strong gusts of wind and storms to the seas almost the entire country. During the weekend, snow will reach 20–30 cents in the southern and central parts of the country, and up to 30–40 cents in Uusimaa and Satakunta.

Only in central and northern Lapland will snowfall be low. Also on the southwest coast and in the Turku region, some of the rain can come as water or sleet.

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Driving rides deteriorating throughout the country, with the exception of central and northern Lapland. In the Uusimaa region, a warning about traffic weather has been upgraded to a very dangerous on-call meteorologist Petteri Pyykkö said Friday night.

Driving conditions in Uusimaa will become extremely bad from this afternoon due to a snowstorm. The warning is valid from Saturday from 4pm until midnight.

A warning marked in red on the Finnish Meteorological Institute’s weather map means that there is likely to be major traffic disruption and traffic connections may be completely interrupted. The risk of an accident is considerable, the Finnish Meteorological Institute’s website states.

According to the Finnish Meteorological Institute, power outages can also be expected at the weekend. In the south-western sea areas of Finland, the winds reach a storm and the sea winds up to more than 23 meters per second. Wind gusts of more than 20 meters per second may occur on the coast.

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Carrier According to Finnair, heavy snowfall is expected to restrict traffic and make other operations at Helsinki-Vantaa Airport more difficult on Saturday and Sunday. The company’s website says flight delays are possible and incoming and outgoing baggage handling may be congested over the weekend.

On Twitter Finnair recommends that customers pack the most important goods in hand luggage and arrive at the airport in good time. The company urges customers to check flights up-to-date information on Finavia’s website.

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