Weather Up to 40 cents of snow can fall in southern Finland in the early part of the week, according to the meteorologist “snow will rain almost non-stop”

The result of a three-day effort can be snow accumulations of up to 10–40 cm in southern Finland.

Early week in the southern and central part of the country it rains from Sunday to Wednesday with plenty of snow. In southern Finland, snow deposits can be as high as 10–40 cm in some places.

“It snows almost non-stop. Of course, the intensity of the rainfall varies, ”says the meteorologist on duty at the Finnish Meteorological Institute Paavo Korpela.

The snowfall is due to the low pressure above southern Sweden, which deepens as it travels over the warm Baltic Sea.

In Finland, snowfall begins on the west coast of the country and spreads to almost all of Finland except Lapland. On Monday evening, snowfall will become sleet and heavy from noon. On Tuesday, heavy snowfall is forecast to spread to the southern and central parts of the country. On the south coast, rains will continue in abundance until Wednesday.

Over the three days, the most abundant snow deposits would appear to be concentrated south of the coast, the Finnish Meteorological Institute predicts. Snowfall is fed by the open sea and a favorable wind direction, Korpela says.

Most snow is forecast for the metropolitan area, where snow can rain up to 20 centimeters during the day. According to Korpela, snowfall is likely to cause difficulties in traffic in the Helsinki metropolitan area in the early part of the week. In southwestern Finland, stagnant snow can cause problems.

In addition to snowfall, the wind will be strong in the early part of the week. At sea, winds can intensify in places even into storms.

On land, the wind can reach gusts of about 15 to 20 meters per second. According to Korpela, no wind warnings will be issued in these circumstances.

Snowfall will ease all over Finland on Thursday, but at the same time the frost will intensify. As the low pressure recedes to the south of the country, colder air can flow from the east.

“If the clouds decrease, as predicted, the frost will easily fall between 10 and 20 degrees across the country,” says Korpela.

In the eastern and northern parts of the country, the frost is likely to be even more severe. Foreca’s forecast According to him, the frost will get to 30-40 degrees Celsius in Lapland already in the early part of the week.

According to Foreca, after mid-January, the coldest weeks of January would be known. Korpela also says that long forecasts show signs of a longer cold period. However, long-term forecasts are still subject to uncertainty.


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