Weather Thunderstorm rolled over Helsinki, video shows sudden change in weather – People are urged to be careful outside

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Oppressive the hot and sunny weather quickly changed to thunderstorms and rain in Helsinki on Wednesday afternoon. A strong wind has also been warned.

“Rain is expected to continue for another hour after the thunderstorms,” ​​the meteorologist on duty at the Finnish Meteorological Institute Jani Parviainen said after two.

Granules may also be allowed.

Sanomatalo’s roof camera shows what it looks like right now in the center of Helsinki:

The Finnish Meteorological Institute issued a warning of strong thunderstorms in the next few hours to Uusimaa, Kymenlaakso, Kanta-Häme and Päijät-Häme. They can cause wind damage in places, and it is recommended that movable property be protected.

People are also encouraged to move indoors if necessary. When outdoors, watch out for falling trees and power lines that have fallen to the ground.

According to the Finnish Meteorological Institute, the temperature is likely to drop by about 10 degrees overnight. On Thursday, however, the weather will continue to be hot, but a little cooler than at the beginning of the week.

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