Weather | There will be a storm in Helsinki soon

The weather will warm up to summer readings for a couple of days at the end of the week. Before that, there’s a storm.

to Helsinki temperatures of over twenty degrees are expected.

Before that, however, there will be a storm. Department of Meteorology on the warning map A dangerously strong wind is forecast for Uusimaa.

On Wednesday, the wind speed in Helsinki may be up to twenty meters per second. It’s raining every now and then.

According to the forecasts, it should rain for a while, but on Thursday the rains will recede and the temperature will rise.

“The southwesterly air flow is getting stronger, and warmer air is flowing into the ground with it,” says the meteorologist on duty at the Finnish Meteorological Institute. Juha Tuomola.

On Thursday, the temperature will reach around twenty, possibly a couple of degrees above that on Friday.

“Yes, it feels a bit more summery,” says Tuomola.

A day despite the sunshine and warmth, the evenings are in accordance with the season, and darkness comes at the same times as on the rainy days of autumn.

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On Saturday, autumn returns with a bang.

Then there will be rain, and the temperature will drop back well below the twenties.

So summer is coming, but only for a while.

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