Weather There were twice as many hot days in July as usual, but now the heat is giving way – HS photographed the townspeople who said goodbye to the heat.

HS filmed the townspeople saying goodbye to the last hot days so far. The weather data has promised cooler weather in the coming days.

In Helsinki sweating on Tuesday in the heat perhaps for the last time all summer. According to weather data, at least in the near future, there will not be as many hot days as in recent weeks, and therefore the townspeople took away the joy from possibly the last hot day.

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There has been plenty of sunshine this summer as the summer has been record warm.

The average temperature in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area has been around 20 degrees, which is slightly more than four degrees higher than the long-term average.

In June, previous heat records were broken when looking at the average temperature for the month, and July has also been exceptionally warm.

Hot days has been in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area on July 20, which is the Meteorological Institute of the Finnish Meteorological Institute Nina Karuston according to more than double the number of ordinary summers. Throughout the summer, the hell border has been violated 52 times in Finland.

Nine tropical nights, when the temperature does not drop below 20 degrees at night, have been measured in the metropolitan area. This is also exceptional, as according to Karusto, there are usually no more than a few tropical nights in the summer.

“If we talk about the whole summer so far, it can be said that the Helsinki Metropolitan Area has had a record-warm summer when looking at both the average temperature and the number of hot days,” says Karusto.

“June was record warm and July was only exceptionally warm, but that’s a lot too.”

Although the constant heat does not delight everyone, on Tuesday the people of Helsinki seemed to enjoy the summer atmosphere of the city. HS described the moods of people sweating in the heat on perhaps the last hot day of the summer.

Leena Porri (left) and Satu Olsson traveled to Pihlajasaari to enjoy the warmth. Porti thinks the hot summer has been really good except for the troublesome nights. He cools himself on a smashing tram with a fan bought from Spain. “Helle does good to everyone except plants,” she notes.

Matti Melander (left) and Rasmus Blomqvist had gone swimming in Eiranranta. The news of the possible end of the heat did not delight them, and Melander said he downright loved the heat. “A few cold days in between was pretty depressing downright,” Blomqvist added.

Four-year-old Kaapo K. ran under the sprinkler in front of the Music Hall. Kaapo was on his way to the movies with his mother, and on the way there were changing clothes to replace the wet ones.

Park worker Roberto Rivera uprooted a flower bed in Old Church Park, more commonly known as Ruttopuisto. He said when the sun reindeer, the work is sometimes hard, and t-shirt tanning is a horror every summer. However, Rivera is calm about the weather: “The weather is what it is, even if there is heavy rain. If you are neutral, it doesn’t hurt much. ”

Susanna Holopainen was sunbathing in Eiranranta. The atmosphere on the beach was reportedly more than abroad. “Helle is really good for people up to a certain point. I like it myself, but the elderly may disagree, ”he ponders.

Heidi Skog and Mia Laihonen study the phone in the line of the Music Hall.

Hanne Honkanen and Jouko Aarnio enjoy the sun with a Bao dog who moved to the family five days ago. Two-year-old Baokin went swimming but did not yet enjoy the water for a particularly long time. According to the owners, the dog also enjoys the heat. “It’s probably waiting for you to get left,” Honkanen laughed.

Bakhtiyor Negmatov, who works as an interpreter and taxi driver, was waiting for customers in the shade at a taxi stand in Station Square. Negmatov’s car has good air conditioning, so he doesn’t mind.

Excavator driver Ingvar Pent spent a coffee break during his working day in the Old Church Park. He says the site is very hot and the excavators don’t have air conditioning. However, that doesn’t hurt, as Pent has already gotten used to the heat. “For my part, there could be 11 months of this kind of weather and one month of winter,” he said.

Tuovi, Marko, Elias, Tuomas, Topias, Miikka, Olivia, Lydia, Venla, Luoma and Pihla Alakärppä, who came from Helsinki to Helsinki on holiday, ate ice cream on the Postitalo wall.

People enjoying a summer day at Eiranranta on Tuesday.



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