Weather There may be snow in the south on Wednesday – chilly May promises a “decisive turn” on Mother’s Day

Although the actual back winter will no longer be seen in the south, it may rain sleet or snow in the metropolitan area on Wednesday.

In the metropolitan area so far we have not just gotten to enjoy the warm weather of spring and even May Day was celebrated in a sad atmosphere.

This week is still cool, but there is no real threat of a rear winter in southern Finland, says a meteorologist on duty at Foreca. Markus Mäntykannas.

On Wednesday in the south, however, it is known to be a really cold day compared to the season and the sky may become sleet or even snow.

“If there is still snow here now, then tomorrow will be the last chance for the Helsinki metropolitan area,” says Mäntykannas.

However, any snow will not stay on the ground but will melt away immediately. The situation is different in Eastern Finland, where, according to Mäntykannas, almost 20 cents of snow can come in places.

“There’s a pretty decent situation there. Even in the Helsinki metropolitan area, there would be complete chaos if the snow started to dust properly. ”

Bridge during the week, temperatures in the south are still around five and ten degrees, but there is a slow warming towards the weekend.

“Mother’s Day seems to be bringing a decisive turnaround, and we should warm up properly early next week,” Mäntykannas says.

According to him, there is a “more summer breeze” from Southern Europe towards Finland, but so far it is difficult to estimate how long the possible warming will continue.

“Until Sunday, when we grind, however, we can make spring work properly again.”

Although the weather has been chilly in the south in recent weeks, Mäntykannas does not consider the situation to be very exceptional.

For example, May 2017, according to him, was a bit similar, when the May Day was also white and the rear winters came several times.

“May is still such that, like April, all seasons can be seen within the same month. Towards the end of the month, however, the rear winters should be statistically patted, ”says Mäntykannas.

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