Weather | The week starts hot, and tropical nights are also possible – on Wednesday we may even see thunderbolts along with thunderstorms

Temperatures will be clearly higher than usual next week.

Size Finland has been in the grip of a heat wave since the beginning of the week. A strong high pressure area that has fallen over Northern Europe guarantees that the heat wave may break as far as Northern Lapland.

“The week opens sunny and dusty. In the southern and central parts of the country, temperatures range between 25 and 28 degrees. The warmest is in southwestern Finland”, Foreca’s meteorologist on duty Joanna Rinne tells.

“In Kainuu and in the direction of Northeast Finland and in Lapland, we may see individual rain showers, but the amount of rain will remain small.”

Temperatures will also remain high during the night between Monday and Tuesday. You may even experience tropical nights in southern Finland.

“Night temperatures are between 12 and 19 degrees throughout the country. The warmest is in the south, where the border of the tropical night is close,” says Rinne.

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On a tropical night, the temperature does not drop below twenty degrees.

After a hot night, Finland wakes up to a day even warmer than Monday. Tuesday is likely to be the hottest day of the starting week, when the 30-degree mark will probably be broken in different parts of the country.

“In the southern and central parts of the country, it’s between 27 and 30 degrees. The warmest is in Western Finland, but also in Lapland the temperature even rises to sweltering temperatures in some places.”

“There will be a lot of heat in the air on Wednesday, which will intensify the thunder.”

In a large part of the country, Tuesday’s heat will be intensified by a cloudless sky. Whereas on Monday there will still be “thin upper clouds” in places in the southern and central parts of the country, on Tuesday the sun will shine in these areas from a full sky.

“Even though the heating effect of the sun is a little lower in mid-August than in the heat of mid-summer, you will definitely sweat,” says Rinne.

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On Wednesday the heat continues, but the weather becomes unstable. Mostly dusty weather prevails over the country, but the chance of rain and thunderstorms is increasing. Thunderstorms can be particularly strong in Western Finland, where you may also see thrombi.

“Strong phenomena related to thunder are possible. Hail can rain from the sky and strong downdrafts, including thrombi, can occur during thunderstorms,” ​​says Rinne.

“There will be a lot of heat in the air on Wednesday, which will intensify the thunder.”

The temperatures on Wednesday will be very similar to Tuesday’s readings, but you won’t be surprised by readings of exactly 30 degrees on Wednesday.

“On Wednesday, it will be between 27 and 29 degrees in the southern and central parts of the country. In Southern Lapland, the heat limit can also be exceeded. In northern Lapland, on the other hand, there are areas of more continuous rain, which lower the temperatures, but even there they mostly stay above 20 degrees.

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Warm weather looks like the forecast will continue through the rest of the week, and temperatures of up to 30 degrees are possible on Thursday or Friday.

Towards Sunday, the weather becomes more unstable, although the longer-term weather forecasts do not offer any dramatic changes.

“Let’s do a little light reading. The weather becomes more variable and the nights get cooler. The hottest air mass moves away from Finland,” says Rinne.

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