Weather The weather for the weekend is sunny and rainy

Hellelemia can still be expected in the Helsinki metropolitan area.

In the metropolitan area there will be no significant weather changes on Friday. The weather continues to be rainy and the temperature rises to about 15 degrees.

Slightly stronger winds are expected on Saturday, but as a rule the sun is shining and the heat readings are the same as on Friday, the Finnish Meteorological Institute reports.

There is low pressure in the North Baltic Sea region, which can cause rainfall in the coastal region. The probability of rain is otherwise low.

On Sunday the winds give way and the temperature is around 15 degrees.

In the near future, however, it will not be possible to enjoy the heat, at least in the Helsinki metropolitan area. However, heat readings are expected to rise at a calm pace in the coming weeks.

Next week, low pressures will increase the likelihood of rain.

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