Weather The weather cools down for the weekend: Autumn temperatures, rain and strong gusts of wind ahead

On Saturday, especially on the south coast, rain and gusts of wind are expected. However, temperatures over 20 degrees are expected next week.

To Finland there is a rainfall coming from the south for the weekend, and rain is expected on the south coast especially on Saturday.

Tomorrow’s daily rainfall on the south coast can be as high as 10 to 20 mils, says a meteorologist on duty at the Finnish Meteorological Institute Juha Jantunen.

The wind in gusts can reach 15 meters per second on Saturday. Temperatures are around 15 degrees.

Today, Friday, the weather is rainy all over the country and temperatures remain at around 20 degrees.

Sunday weather in the south looks mostly rainy, with temperatures rising to over 20 degrees. Rainfall can instead occur, especially in the central parts of the country.

Next According to Jantunen, the week is partly unstable, which means the possibility of individual showers.

“Even the air mass is warm enough to reach just over 20 degrees. You could say that the weather like summer is known ”

According to Jantunen, autumn is not yet coming, but there is no return to the exceptionally high temperatures of June and July.

“We are closer to the typical temperatures of the season.”

However, according to Jantunen, individual hot days can still come in August.

Forecan monthly forecast According to Finland, summer heat and temperatures up to 1–3 degrees higher than average are expected in August.



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