Weather The summer heat record may break this week, then the whole country will cool down

Helle has been going on for almost a month. In southern and central Finland, hot weather and temperatures above 30 degrees will continue until Thursday.

Coming the days can be the hottest in the summer. Helle has been going on for almost a month.

On Tuesday, the whole country is over 20 degrees, and most of the country is hot.

On Wednesday, the weather in northern Lapland will be below 20 degrees, but in southern and central Finland the hot weather and temperatures above 30 degrees will continue until Thursday.

South Karelia It was measured in Parikkala during Midsummer week, a temperature of 33.6 degrees, which was only two decimal places from Finland ‘s June measurement record, 33.8 degrees.

Meteorologists say this summer’s heat record could be broken this week.

“On Thursday, temperatures in Eastern Finland could rise to 32–33 degrees. There is a small chance that the heat record would be broken in southern or eastern Finland, ”says the meteorologist on duty at the Finnish Meteorological Institute. Ari Mustala.

“The heat record is in danger of breaking around Thursday,” says Foreca’s on-call meteorologist Ilkka Alanko.

Since June 17, heat readings have been measured daily in Finland somewhere in the country. So the heat has been going on for almost a month now.

Thursday and on Friday the hottest air gives way to the southeast. During the weekend, heat is still promised in the south.

“Cooler air is spreading from the northwest, which is accompanied by showers and possibly thunderstorms, after which the temperatures drop,” says Mustala.

The whole country is still warm on Friday, but the weather is starting to cool from the north gradually to the whole country.

“Cooler air is spreading to Lapland, and the heat is no longer prevalent in northern Lapland. On Tuesday, the temperature drops to 15 degrees there, ”says Alanko.

According to Alango, after Friday, the whole country seems to be no longer exceeding 30 degrees.

Hell season seems to end after the weekend. The weather will cool down markedly next week.

“At the moment, it’s hard to predict whether cooling will last longer,” says Mustala.

No storms are expected with these prospects, but thunderstorms may occur on Friday as the weather cools. According to Mustala, however, there are no storms in the permit similar to Midsummer.

Towards the end of the week, winds will intensify across the country. Alanko says that there may be gusts and gusts of wind, especially in central and northern Finland.



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