Weather The storm hits the metropolitan area in the afternoon – “Yes, it will still come from there,” the meteorologist says

Because the wind is coming from the north, it is not the worst possible for the center of Helsinki, for example.

Helsinki in the city center, the storm on thunderstorms on thursday did not feel any more strange than on a windy autumn day. Did it happen that there was no storm?

“Yes it still comes from there, the situation is not at its worst at all,” said a meteorologist at the Finnish Meteorological Institute after eight in the morning. Ari Mustala. According to him, even in the afternoon there may be gusts of more than 20 meters per second in Helsinki.

Because the wind is coming from the north, it is not the worst possible for the center of Helsinki, for example. The buildings also protect those moving in the city from strong winds, but only in places.

“On the other hand, there are wind tunnels out there that don’t mean getting ahead.”

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The autumn storm, named Aila, hits the metropolitan area milder than the west coast.

According to forecasts, the storm will arrive in the Helsinki region in the afternoon.

“Both 12 o’clock and 6 o’clock have a lower gust strength than 15 o’clock. At that time, the gusts are at their strongest,” the meteorologist on duty Kristian Roine Foreca was told early Wednesday night.

The intensity of the gusts is affected by terrain shapes, so it is not impossible for individual gusts of up to 25 meters to be detected.

How strong is the wind then? Should balcony furniture be collected in the metropolitan area for safety?

“A gust of twenty feet of trees isn’t usually felled yet, but yes it can drop twigs and fly bulk and debris,” Roine said.

Wind gusts of just over 20 meters are not yet exceptional. For example, in July 2017, a severe thunderstorm hit Helsinki and caused the tent to rupture at the Flow festivals. At that time, according to Roine, the gust readings rose to more than 30 meters.

Helsinki the rescue service has called for the collection of yard furniture and other furniture such as trampolines from the yards as they can cause damage when flying in the wind.

It is also recommended to check the condition of the trees in the yard, to close the windows and doors, and especially the skylights and balcony glazing.

The car should be driven to the garage or away from trees.

In addition, you are advised to turn off electrical appliances.

Boat owners are also advised to make sure the moorings are in order. However, in the metropolitan area, fallen trees or loose roof dampers should have been avoided, Roine emphasizes.

“To that extent, it does not appear that storm damage will occur in Uusimaa.”

According to Roine, similar gusts are often experienced on sunny spring days, when the north wind blows at 10 meters per second. Then the gusts may accelerate to more than 20 meters.

“It’s not exceptional, but yes on days like that, the wind really notices it. That’s what my hair means to leave. ”

Helsinki the rescue service has prepared for the storm by, among other things, alerting free fire brigades to readiness.

During a storm, the Rescue Department recommends staying inside, as well as avoiding repairing any damage until the wind has subsided.

In Helsinki, the Rescue Department also co-operates with the city’s construction service company Stara. Stara is ready to repair, for example, trees that have fallen on the road if such destruction occurs.

“The worst part of the storm is during office hours, when even the staff of the fire brigades go into normal work. However, we have received information from several free fire brigades that they are available, ”says the firefighter of the Helsinki Rescue Department. Sami Lindberg.

Rescue Department has prepared for dozens of damage control missions. Normally, even on a windy day, damage control tasks become only an individual day.

“The good thing about Helsinki is that almost the entire electricity network is underground. In many other places, storms easily cause power outages. ”

In Helsinki, the storm does not cause heavy rains or thunderstorms. In the evening the winds subside and the sun can also be glimpsed.


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