Weather The severe weather forecast for Friday will not come true, deaf rain will continue well into next week

The highest rainfall is likely to be in the Gulf of Finland and the Baltic side. On the mainland, gusts of wind remain at their strongest in less than 15 meters per second.

For Friday predicted heavy rains and strong winds remain weaker than expected.

“The biggest rains will probably be in the Gulf of Finland and the Baltic side, but there will also be deaf rains on the south coast,” says a meteorologist from the Finnish Meteorological Institute. Jani Sorsa.

On the south coast, rainfall is local in nature and their movements are therefore difficult to predict. In the metropolitan area, most rainfall is likely to take place in the afternoon.

During Friday, another rainfall area will move north from Ostrobothnia, which is more uniform in nature than on the south coast. On Friday morning, the front moved from Kokkola to Lieksa.

“By night, the rainy area will wither, and the rains will become more vague in the north as well.”

The winds remain on the mainland on Friday, even in gusts at a peak of less than 15 meters per second. The windiest is in the south, but during the day the gusts move towards the southeast.

By Friday morning, the largest gust reading of the day, 21.3 meters per second, had been measured in the Gulf of Finland in Vänö, Kemiönsaari. On the mainland, the gusts were weaker than this. In Helsinki, gusts of 13.7 meters per second were measured at the Kumpula measuring station in the morning.

During Thursday, more than 6,000 underground flashes were measured in Finland. Sorsa estimates that the number of lightning strikes on Friday will be clearly lower than this. Isolated thunderstorms may occur in southwestern Finland and elsewhere on the southern coast and in the northern parts of the country.

Northern Ostrobothnia In Kalajoki, the extinguishing of wildfires will continue on Friday for the fifth day. On Friday, the northbound port, which is moving north from Ostrobothnia, is also likely to pass over the fire area.

If it materializes, the rains would reduce the risk of Kalajoki fires spreading. However, despite the possible rains, the firefighting work will continue for a long time.

Both the rain and forest fire warnings have been issued in the western parts of Northern Ostrobothnia on Friday. The special combination is due to the fact that the terrain is still very dry and most of the rain is just coming.

“First, a more united front crosses, followed by more vague deaf people. During the day, the rainfall reaches 10–30 millimeters, ”Sorsa estimates the rains near the fire area.

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Over the weekend the weather continues to be unstable. On Saturday, showers will be less than on Sundays. In the southern and central parts of the country, the highest temperatures of the day will remain around 20 degrees in the next few days.

In the northern parts of the country, the temperature on Friday is mostly below 15 degrees. Over the weekend you can reach over 15 degrees.

The weather will continue to be unstable until the beginning of next week.



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