Weather The rainy weather will continue for a while, but frost and more snow is expected for the rest of the week in the Helsinki metropolitan area.

From the beginning of the week, the rains can come as sleet or even water.

Winter sports and snow friends have been pampered with devotion in mid-January. During the past week, and especially over the weekend, however, southern Finland has returned to greener weather.

Is it possible that you will soon be able to enjoy the postcard scenery again?

A turnaround in the current sludge weather is expected at the end of the week, the meteorologist promises Elena Laakso From the Finnish Meteorological Institute. Then the temperature drops to frost in the Helsinki metropolitan area and new snow is known.

Before that, however, several rains may come as sleet or even water.

“Right now, we’re in a low-pressure area, and it’s raining next night. They can come in the form of snow or sleet and eventually water can come. ”

On Monday the rains are getting weaker. In the south, the temperature during the day is a degree or two on the plus side.

A new rain area will arrive south on Tuesday and the temperature will be closer to zero. On Wednesday, the rains move towards the north, and there will be some light rains in the south, says Laakso.

The rest of the week can be spent in the south on the frost side.

Meteorological the department warned of slipperiness on Saturday. According to the Finnish Meteorological Institute, the condensation of the weather has caused dangerous slippage on the sidewalks in Uusimaa, Southwest Finland and Pirkanmaa, among others.

The warning is no longer valid, and according to Laakso, rising temperatures and the consequent increased slush have reduced slipperiness.

“Of course, places can still be slippery. You should always be careful, ”says Laakso.

The slipperiness of the streets and the snowstorms have been reported to have caused a lot of accidents. HS said last on Friday of the week that Töölö Hospital in Helsinki and Vantaa Peijas Hospital were congested with accident patients.


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