Weather The Northern Lights were visible last night even in Helsinki – Send a picture of the Northern Lights to HS

The wind that erupted from the sun created northern lights in Friday’s night sky, which could also be observed in southern Finland.

Fridaynight and the night before Saturday was a rare opportunity to see the northern lights from southern Finland all the way to northern Lapland.

Due to the cloudlessness, it was possible to see the northern lights in a large area, says the meteorologist on duty at the Finnish Meteorological Institute Heikki Sinisalo.

The cause of the northern lights was the solar wind that erupted from the opening of the sun’s corona. The Finnish Meteorological Institute said in a tweet that northern lights may also be visible on Saturday.

According to Sinisalo, this is possible, but it is much more cloudy on Saturday, which is why it is not possible to see the northern lights at least as widely as on Friday.

The first observations of magnetic toxins flickering in shades of green have been seen in northern Lapland at eight o’clock in the evening. In southern Finland, the activity of northern lights has been highest on Saturday morning.

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“This in itself is not related to the cycle of the day, it is about darkness,” says Sinisalo.

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