Weather The hot weather makes a return on Sunday, but summer can stay in it – it will cool down next week, and there are no more guarantees for hot days

Previous weather forecasts predicted that August would become very warm, but now the forecasts have changed.

Hot the weather will return to Finland again from Sunday.

However, the new heat cycle will be shorter than previously forecast, as heat temperatures are only expected for a few days.

Already around Wednesday and Thursday, the weather is cooling and becoming unstable throughout the country. After that, there are no more guarantees for hot days.

Meteorological according to the plant, on Sunday the weather will warm widely and temperatures in the southern and western parts of the country will rise to hot readings. On the south-west side of the line from Kotka to Vaasa, meter readings of 25–27 degrees can be read.

On Monday and Tuesday, the heat zone expands to the east and north.

Even in the western parts of Northern Ostrobothnia, temperatures rise by more than 25 degrees. Readings of 28–29 degrees are widely measured in the central and southern parts of the country. No later than Tuesday in the south and west, temperatures can hurt to 30 degrees.

In the north, the heat zone extends at least to the west. Below the Helleraja are the northernmost arms in Lapland, the Inari and Utsjoki regions and the eastern border.

On Wednesday Very humid air flows to Finland from the southwest, which causes rainfall. In the east and north, the heat continues.

“The western part looks cloudy and the rain is deaf, but there may be sunny moments in it. Temperatures can well be 22 to 23 degrees, so there isn’t quite a dramatic change. However, the temperature drops by about five degrees if it has been 28 degrees the day before, ”says the meteorologist. Iiris Viljamaa From the Finnish Meteorological Institute.

Thursday is a widely cloudy and unstable day in Finland. Moist air flows further north. Showers and thunderstorms occur throughout the country, except in northernmost Lapland.

Soil readings will go down in history: the warmest in the southern and central parts of the country is 22-24 degrees.

The rest of the week continues in the same way. Friday is largely unstable. In Lapland, even rain can occur, and the temperature can drop between 15 and 20 degrees. In the central part of the country we know about 20 degrees.

On Saturday, the weather is still unstable and cool.

“On Sunday, the rains are already further north and from the south the weather is getting lower, but the temperatures are not rising much yet,” Viljamaa says.

Of the week after Sunday is already the first day of August.

Previous far-reaching forecasts estimated that August could be becoming very warm like last summer. The European Centre’s (ECMWF) monthly forecast showed a clear warmer signal for August just a moment ago.

Viljamaa points out that the reliability of far-reaching forecasts is weak. Now the forecasts have changed.

This summer’s hot tub coincided with an exceptionally early summer. At the moment, it seems that Finns would be able to enjoy the temperatures and weather typical of the time in August.

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August the beginning looks more lively after the hot summer.

“The instability that starts in the middle of next week is related to the low pressure that can pass over Finland. After a week, it has crossed Finland to the east, then cooler air flows between Finland from north and west. There is no long period of heat, just these few days,” Viljamaa says.

According to him, in early August, the warm days in the southern and central parts of the country are about 22 degrees. In the north you can stay below 20 degrees.

“For the weeks ahead, there is no longer a warmer signal than usual. The temperatures look normal, ”says Viljamaa.

Although no heat is currently forecast for August, Viljamaa points out that according to statistics, individual heat days may still be possible.

“Yes, even in August, those hot days are measured, sometimes even in September. In August, there can be five or six hot days in the south. ”



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