Weather The highest temperature of the year was measured in Utuv, Kouvola, from the end of the week the summer weather will turn to rain in many places

The weather of the week is becoming divisive as the weather cools and rains from Wednesday onwards.

Of the year so far the highest temperature has been measured on Monday. In Kouvola’s Ut, the meter showed a reading of 21.7 degrees in the afternoon.

It has been warm in Finland on Monday. In Röykä, Nurmijärvi, 21.6 degrees were measured. Further north, for example, Haapavesi has had 20.4 degrees in Northern Ostrobothnia and 20.8 degrees in Northern Savonia.

The early part of the week is largely rainy and warm.

“The temperatures are at the top of the season. Even if the heat record breaks on Monday, it will not be counted, because it will be even warmer on Tuesday, ”says Foreca’s meteorologist. Juha Föhr said earlier Monday.

Tuesday will be even summerier on Mondays as temperatures rise to 15 to 20 degrees across the country. On the south and west of the country, the meter shows 20 degrees and in some places more.

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“The weather in the early part of the week is clearly better for the rest of the week when it comes to a holiday or holiday,” says Föhr.

It is cooler, about 15 degrees, around the eastern border and in Lapland. However, even in the southwestern part of Lapland, the temperature can rise to 20 degrees.

Even on Tuesdays, coastal areas can stay cooler due to cold air currents.

“It’s a bit of a mystery how the sea will ever affect. It often cools the weather in the Helsinki and Vantaa areas, for example. ”

The day will be mostly rainy, but in Lapland and Ostrobothnia the clouds will increase.

On Wednesday Cloudiness and local rainfall arrive in the western part of the country, and the weather is variable in the east and north.

In cloudy areas, the temperature is between 15 and 20 degrees in the southern and western parts of the country. From Eastern Uusimaa all the way to the Gulf of Bothnia and in some places in Lapland the meter shows 20 degrees.

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“As long as you don’t think about the snow-covered areas that still cool the air in parts of Lapland.”

Thursday sunshine continues in the east and north while in the south and west of the country the weather is well rained.

“Rainfall is no longer local but Thursday is simply a rainy day in the south and west. It is also cooler because of the rain, although the air mass does not change for any reason. ”

In the wettest areas of the south and west, temperatures drop to ten degrees in some places. Widely elsewhere in the country, the meter shows 10 to 15 degrees and even more towards the east, but 20 degrees are hardly reached.

On Friday a low-pressure turmoil is palpable as the center of low pressure moves from east to south and center of the country and toward southwest.

Friday will be heavily rainy throughout the country, with winds intensifying considerably in the southern and central parts of the country as well as in the north.

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“There will be a small storm, but no snow.”

Rainfall drops temperatures in most parts of the country to 10-15 degrees.

Saturday the center of low pressure is in the southwest, bringing rainfall to the south and west of the country. In the east and north, rainfall is less and more local.

On Sunday, rains will continue in the south, and new rainfall areas will also arrive in the eastern and northern parts of the country.

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