Weather The frosts will continue until the end of next week in southern Finland: “Now it is really cold”

The bite of the frost is increased by the wind blowing between the east and the northeast, which can be temperate or even strong in sea areas.

In the south In Finland, the frost is intensifying, according to the Finnish Meteorological Institute’s Meteorologist Iris Viljamaan according to Saturday night and Sunday.

“There is some cloudiness in the south, but it’s towards clearing, and at the same time the weather is getting colder. There is a gentle or sometimes strong wind in the sea areas and the cold wind increases the bite of the frost. The wind direction is between east and northeast. It is now really cold all the way to southern Finland. ”

According to Viljamaa, there will be no major changes in the weather situation for a few days. Cold and windy weather is known, especially near the coast.

On Sunday night frost can be 18 or even 20 degrees in the northern parts of Uusimaa. Thus, there is a clear tightening in the frost.

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For those who want snow, there is bad news, because even though there are known snowfalls in the sea, they do not last as far as land.

“There may be snow showers in the Gulf of Finland for a couple of days, but they will probably stay at sea and not land ashore,” says Viljamaa.

On Monday, Independence Day, the frost will be heavy all over the country, and it will mostly rain. The temperature varies between 15 and 17 degrees Celsius, while in the south there are about ten degrees below zero.

Winter According to Viljamaa, the frosts continue in the south for several days.

“Only at the end of next week will the wind turn south and the frosts will ease a bit during Friday and the weekend at the latest, maybe already on Thursday.”

“The low-pressure area coming to the southwest on Friday is already pretty close and the weather type may become rainier. Snow can then come to the south and west of the country. During the weekend, the temperature in Åland and the archipelago will turn positive. ”

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“In the eastern and northern parts of the country, however, the frosts continue on the weekends as well. Even there, however, the frosts ease a bit and there are about five to ten degrees of frost. ”

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