Weather The first week of the year brings good news of natural snow trails to those waiting in the south, at the same time the driving environment is deteriorating – “Actually every day it rains somewhere in the country”

Starting Sunday, the weather in the southern and western parts of the country will condense. The rains of the next few days will still come to mainland Finland as snow.

Year 2022 begins in clear frost. New Year’s Day is rainy and in some places even sunny in those parts of the country where the sun rises above the horizon.

Even on Sunday, the frost is between ten and twenty degrees, except on the south and west coasts of the country, but during Sunday the weather becomes unstable from the west.

It knows poor driving conditions in large parts of the country but good news for skiers waiting for natural snow trails in the southern parts of the country.

On the night before Sunday, a rainy area arrives from the west, which initially brings snow to at least the western and southern parts of the country, says a meteorologist from the Finnish Meteorological Institute. Eveliina Tuovinen.

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“Actually every day until the end of the week it rains somewhere in the country,” says Tuovinen.

Christmas the so-called snow cannon phenomenon brought a thick snow cover to the Vaasa and Turku regions in a couple of days. At that time, the rains were due to the humidity and cold air mass of the Gulf of Bothnia.

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In the Turku region, the snow cover has piled up and faded from just over 20 cents to about ten cents during the midday days.

With these prospects, the rains of the next few days will increase the snow cover again, close to the readings of a week ago. In the next few days, the temperature will remain mainly on the frost side, which means that the approaching rains will come as snow all over the country, except for Åland, where both snow and water rains are known.

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By the middle of next week, 5 to 20 cents of new snow will accumulate in the southern and western parts of the country, 10 to 20 cents in the northern parts of Lapland and five cents elsewhere in the country.

Sunday the night before, the frost is from ten to twenty degrees, all the way to the central and southern parts of the country. Next week, the weather will cool at least in the south.

“There may be little frosts on the south and south-west coasts, but elsewhere in the country there are decent frosts, mostly from eight degrees below zero,” Tuovinen says.

“A decent frosty week is coming.”

Due to snowfall, the Finnish Meteorological Institute warns that in the next few days bad driving conditions will be known in the southern and central parts of the country and in Lapland by arm.

“When cars dust the snow, visibility deteriorates. In addition, rainy snow can polish the road surface and make it slippery. In addition, the snow on the road surfaces worsens the road, ”says Tuovinen.

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