Weather | The cold record for the beginning of winter was broken, with readings of around 30 degrees below zero in Lapland

More cold nights are expected this week.

In its beginnings The cold record of this winter has been broken again, when -31.4 degrees was measured at Enontekiö airport the night before Tuesday. According to the Finnish Meteorological Institute, it also reached 30 degrees below zero in Muonio.

The current autumn winter’s frost record has been broken in Lapland for several days in a row. The previous frost record was from the night between Sunday and Monday, when exactly 27 degrees of frost was measured in Enontekiö’s Näkkälä.

Cold nights are still known this week, and the temperature can also drop to thirty degrees below zero, says the Finnish Meteorological Institute.

“Perhaps at the weekend the frost will weaken in Lapland as well, but until then it will be cold nights,” said the meteorologist on duty Helena Laakso on Tuesday morning.

How are such severe frosts rare at this stage of early winter? The Finnish Meteorological Institute inspected the matter on Tuesday at the request of STT.

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“Since the turn of the millennium, last night’s freezing temperature in Enontekiö is the lowest temperature in Finland in the period from 11 to 17 November. For example, in 2019, readings of slightly more than 30 degrees below zero were measured during this period,” said the meteorologist Ville Siiskonen.

The data of each measuring station of the Finnish Meteorological Institute has been recorded since 1959.

When the results obtained before the turn of the millennium are taken into account, the frost reading obtained now at Enontekiö does not come out on top, according to Siiskonen. For example, in 1973, the temperature dropped to -36.9 degrees in Kittilä Poka between the 11th and 17th. November. It has also been very cold at this point in the year in 1963 and 1980.

“Overall, it can be said that the weather is colder than usual in Northern and Central Lapland for the time of year. In the rest of the country, the temperatures are normal for the time of year, although they are also slightly below average.”

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