Weather The balancing of the spring day will bring sleet and snow, warm days are promised next week

On Sunday, low pressure blowing storm winds to the western part of the country and to sea areas.

This the equalization of the spring day of the year hits on saturday, but spring weather can be expected in most parts of the country until next week.

The warm airflow arrives from the west and the west coast rises up to five degrees on the afternoon on Saturday afternoon. There are still enough heat levels in the western parts of Lapland.

“On the colder side, it’s pretty much near zero or on the frost side,” said a meteorologist on duty at the Finnish Meteorological Institute. Tuomo Bergman.

In the East and snow is expected on the south coast. On Sunday, a small low-pressure sub-center will be brought to the country, bringing stormy winds to the western part of the country and to the sea.

“There is still an east-west distribution on Monday. In the east we are still on the frost side and in the west there are five degrees of Plus. ”

From Tuesday onwards, western airflow will intensify across the country. Temperatures in the western parts can rise up to about ten degrees from Tuesday onwards.

“From then on, yes, ski skis will start to deteriorate markedly, even though there are still night frosts,” Bergman said.

From Monday onwards, temperatures on the Helsinki-Vaasa line will be higher than usual compared to the season.

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