Weather Strong winds promised to Finland on Friday, even storm readings are possible – The reason is the low-pressure center moving in the Baltic Sea

For the rest of the week and next week, the weather forecast is tinted by heavy rain showers.

In the Baltic Sea a low-pressure sub-center is moving, which will bring violent gusts of wind to Finland on Friday.

The Meteorologist on duty at the Finnish Meteorological Institute is predicting the intensity of the incoming severe weather Jani Parviainen however, difficult due to unpredictable movements of low pressure.

However, those planning boating in the inland waters of Southern Finland, the Gulf of Finland and the northern Baltic Sea should closely monitor wind forecasts.

“At least 14 meters per second there are winds. There may be heavy gusts on Friday morning, at least 15 meters per second, ”says Parviainen.

Also in the central parts of the country, wind speeds may approach 15 meters per second.

Meteorologist Markus Mäntykangas for its part, evaluates Foreca website, that according to the wildest forecasts, especially in the northern Baltic Sea, even storm readings, ie winds of 30 meters per second, may be approaching during Friday and Saturday.

“Currently, the low-pressure center seems to be following a route where the strongest winds will remain in Latvia and Lithuania,” says Parvianen.

Saturday there would seem to be a glimmer of light on an otherwise rainy-looking forecast for the rest of the week.

“The low pressure is giving way a little to the east of the country. There will still be deaf people in Eastern Finland and low pressure from the Arctic Ocean in Lapland, ”says Parvianen.

There is a strictly low-pressure area over Scandinavia, which ensures that the weather remains otherwise unstable almost throughout the country.

Temperatures remain between 15 and 20 degrees except on Saturdays, in which case the limit of 20 degrees Celsius may be exceeded in some places.

On Thursday and Friday, low-pressure showers may become severe, especially in central Finland. Thunderstorms also move in connection with rain clouds.

“We have a rain warning for the middle stages of the country. If you look at the accumulations, then 40 millimeters of rain can come to Central Finland. ”

In June the period of heatwaves that began and lasted for almost the whole of July seems to be over for the time being.

“At least in the first half of August, it looks like there will be no more heat,” Parviainen estimates.

However, the broad low pressure above Finland would seem to be slowing down a bit from high pressure towards the end of next week.

“Then we go into such an intermediate type of weather that we may also see clear days,” Parvainen says.



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