Weather | Strong winds can cause damage in some parts of the country

The heaviest gusts will be in North Ostrobothnia and Southern Lapland on Thursday. Gusts may occur in the eastern parts of the country later in the afternoon.

For Thursdays the forecasted winds will be weaker than expected.

“There have been no storm warnings on the map since yesterday,” says the meteorologist on duty at the Finnish Meteorological Institute SpongeBob Korpela.

On Thursday morning, the strongest winds were observed in the Perämere. The highest average wind measured there before eight in the morning was 18.7 meters per second. In Finland, the storm limit is exceeded when the 10-minute average wind is at least 21 meters per second.

“The strongest winds will continue for a while, but then they will start to weaken.”

Although storm readings are not available, strong Gusts can cause local destruction in land areas on Thursday.

The strongest winds are in land areas now in Northern Ostrobothnia and Southern Lapland. There, Puuska can now blow 15–20 meters per second.

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“Trees may fall in places, but no major impact is expected.”

Later in the afternoon and early evening, the risk of stronger gusts has increased in the eastern parts of the country. There can also be local damage.

“We are now monitoring and investigating whether we will put warnings in the more eastern provinces.”

Afternoon the weather starts to clear from the west.

“It may be that in the afternoon it will already be quite sunny near the west coast, and the winds will also weaken.”

However, Friday will be a windy day again. Gusts blowing 15 meters per second may occur in the southern and central parts of the country on Friday.

“And on the west coast, Puuska can be closer to twenty. So tomorrow will be a gusty day too.”

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