Weather Strong Vieno storm arrives in Finland on Tuesday: Rescue services call for mooring boats and collecting garden furniture

A storm will arrive in Finland on Tuesday from the west, which is strong compared to the season. At the weekend, the temperature can rise up to 30 degrees in southern Finland.

Tuesday The night before, a storm will arrive in Finland, bringing with it even winds that will become dangerously strong.

According to the Finnish Meteorological Institute’s forecast, the south-westerly wind will intensify widely in the seas on Tuesday night and to storm readings in the Bothnian Sea.

On the west coast, the wind intensifies into storm gusts early on Tuesday morning and during the morning also extensively in the central part of the country, as well as in Northern Ostrobothnia and Kainuu.

The Finnish Meteorological Institute has issued a wind warning on Tuesday of strong or very strong winds throughout the country.

In the back sea the wind speed can be more than 20 meters per second the night before Tuesday. The significant wave height in the southern parts of the Bothnian Sea on the night before Tuesday is even more than four meters. The significant wave height corresponds approximately to the visible wave height.

“The storm is strong for the season. The trees are in full leaf and the ground is frost-free, so gusts of more than 20 meters per second cause more damage than similar gusts in the winter season, ”says a meteorologist on duty at the Finnish Meteorological Institute. Antti Kokko in the bulletin.

At its strongest the storm is in the morning in the west, and in the east again in the afternoon and evening.

The wind will start to weaken on the west coast on Tuesday at noon. In the eastern provinces, the wind weakens only in the evening.

In the context of low storm pressure, it rains heavily in much of the country. According to the Finnish Meteorological Institute’s forecast, water will accumulate 20–30 millimeters in Lapland on Tuesday and 5–15 millimeters in the middle stages of the country.

Meteorological Department of Meteorology Jani Parviainen it is estimated that an average of one such storm strikes during June.

“From such a late spring, however, such a storm is not very common,” Parviainen tells STT.

After the low pressure, the temperature in southern Finland will remain close to 20 degrees on Tuesday. According to Parviainen, however, warmer air is coming to Finland from the south towards the end of the week. On Friday, heat readings were expected in the southern and central parts of the country.

“On Sunday, as many as thirty may be approached,” says Parviainen.

Northern Finland has been promised cooler and wetter weather than Southern Finland for the weekend. It is raining in the area that extends roughly from Vaasa to Kajaani, but little by little the compatibility line is moving north. At the same time, warm air is also moving towards the north.



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