Weather Storm weather shakes Europe: Five people dead, major power outages in Poland and the Czech Republic, traffic disruptions in Germany

Five people in Poland and Germany died after freezing under trees felled by strong winds. A rare red weather warning has been issued in Britain, which is still waiting for the storm.

At least five people have died in storms in Europe, AFP news agency reported.

Polish police said two people were killed and two injured when a storm knocked down a large crane at a construction site in Krakow. A third person is said to have died when a tree fell over his car in the western part of the country.

Two people also died in Germany under the fallen trees, both in their cars. The first accident occurred in northern Germany near the town of Bad Bevensen, the second in the central part of the country in the village of Schwenda.

In Poland last night’s storm winds, with gusts blowing at its fastest 125 kilometers per hour, have damaged more than 500 buildings, felled hundreds of trees and left 324,000 households without electricity, according to AFP.

The storm also exported electricity from more than 300,000 households in the Czech Republic. The trees, felled by storm winds that blew at their strongest 181 kilometers per hour, have caused significant traffic disruptions in the country.

There was also an accident in the south-west of the Czech Republic where a car collided with another wind when the hood of a car was lifted. Three children were injured in the accident.

In Germany flights and trains were canceled and schools were closed on Thursday in several states due to a severe storm. Police advised people to stay home and avoid parks and forests.

The strongest winds, over 152 kilometers per hour, were measured at Brocken, the highest point in the Harz Mountains in central Germany.

In the northern parts of the country, morning long-distance trains were canceled, and there have also been cancellations and delays in local traffic. The airline Lufthansa canceled twenty flights from the country’s largest airport from Frankfurt to Hamburg, Berlin and Munich.

The storm is forecast to continue through Friday, and hurricane-sized winds have been promised in northern and central Germany for the night before Saturday.

Britannian The Meteorological Agency has issued a rare red weather warning to the south-west of England and South Wales during the Eunice storm expected for Friday. There may be wind gusts blowing up to almost 45 meters per second, and the storm is predicted to be life-threatening.

According to the Finnish Meteorological Institute, winds can remove roofs, cut down trees and cut power lines. The worst devastation has been predicted in the south-west of England.

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Roads, bridges and railways are likely to be closed, causing delays and cancellations in bus, train, ferry and air traffic.

Weather warnings have also been issued in several other European countries. In France, the northernmost and northwestern parts of the country were given the second strongest orange restriction on Thursday. The same strength restriction was also imposed in Belgium on the country’s coastal areas.

Storm makes its entry into the Atlantic, and is forecast to hit Britain on Friday. The Irish Meteorological Agency has also issued a warning against strong winds and coastal floods due to Eunice.

A storm called Dudley on Wednesday caused traffic disruptions in Britain, but extensive damage was avoided.

The British government announced on Thursday that its crisis group, known as Cobrana, would meet to discuss action on the storms.

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