Weather Snowstorm fades by Friday, southern and western Finland promises a quiet weekend

The driving course will turn into a drizzle winter weather on Friday.

Lunch the warm airflow arriving on Friday will take the worst snowstorms away. In southern and western Finland, the weekend is spent in calm and slightly calmer weather.

“A quiet weekend is coming. Especially on the south and west coasts there are plus degrees on Saturday and Sunday, ”says Foreca’s meteorologist Kristian Roine.

Completely rainless is not in store for the weekend either. Friday drizzle will change to occasional snowfall.

“Even though the weather is at zero, the rains seem to be snow, meaning more snow is coming over the weekend,” Roine says.

The combination of wind and snow took the road away from road users in southern and western Finland on Thursday. At the same time, the condensing weather made a skull on the road surface.

According to Roine, the bad driving on Friday will focus on northern Finland.

The snow comes on Friday, mainly in the areas north of Oulu. In southern and central Finland it will initially rain, but the low pressure that arrives in the evening will bring rain, which due to the heat wave will become a gush of water at least on the coast.

“The air mass near the coast is so warm that the rain comes in the form of water. Near Salpausselä, in Pirkanmaa and Southern Ostrobothnia, there will be a little more snow on Friday night, ”Roine describes.

Temperature difference There is a big weekend between northern and southern Finland. In northern Lapland, twenty degrees of frost are allowed, while there are degrees of heat on the southern coast.

Thursday’s snowfalls increased snow accumulation in southern Finland. In Uusimaa there was 5–10 cents of snow and in Pirkanmaa even more.

Lauhan and as drizzle arrives, the snow becomes heavier on the south and west coasts as the rains weigh to accumulate. In addition, condensation can cause snow and ice to accumulate dangerously on the eaves and lip.

Next week, the weather will cool down on the south coast as well.


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