Weather Rain radar shows how the snowstorm is predicted to progress – Helsinki police urge to stay telecommuting

Today, the road is poor or very bad in much of the country.

Abundant low pressure, which brings snowfall and strong winds, arrives in the southern and western part of the country, says the Finnish Meteorological Institute.

The wind thunders the snow, and in southwestern Finland the trees accumulate stale cannon snow in places. The heaviest snowfall is in the south and west.

There is mostly rain in the east and north.

Today rail traffic will be reduced due to snowfall, mainly in commuter traffic in the capital.

On the roads, driving today is poor or very poor in much of the country due to snowfall and snowy and slippery road surfaces.

Helsinki police are urging people to stay telecommuting for a snowstorm.

“It’s at least good to set aside enough time for a commute and avoid leisure driving during peak times,” police appeal on Twitter.

In Southwest Finland and Satakunta, the road has become very bad due to snowfall and dusty snow, Tieliikennekeskus warns. According to it, driving conditions in southern and western Finland become poor or very bad during the morning.

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