Weather Power outages reported in more than 100 municipalities, Finnish Meteorological Institute warns of severe thunderstorms

The search for the small plane ended happily.

weather Institute has warned of heavy thunderstorms in central Finland, Savo and North Karelia. According to the Finnish Meteorological Institute, thunderstorms can cause wind damage in some places.

Thus, for example, movable property should be protected and, if necessary, it would be good to stay indoors. Falling trees and fallen power lines can cause hazards, the department points out.

“If you have to be outside, you should watch out for falling trees and if you are in the water, you should try to land,” says the meteorologist on duty at the Finnish Meteorological Institute. Hannu Valta.

Currently, the thunder front is, for example, above North Karelia. The North Karelia Rescue Service says on Twitter that several trees have fallen on your territory and wildfires have caught fire due to thunderstorms.

From this North Savo and Karelia, the storm moves to Kainuu.

“It can go on until late at night.”

Valtan according to the wind speed can rise in the evening in the storm zone to 20-25 meters per second. A storm wind blows when the ten-minute mean wind is measured at a minimum of 21 meters per second.

Power describes that in such a mood, individual trees begin to fall, loose goods begin to fly, and roofs come off.

According to the power, the intensity of the thunderstorm has remained roughly the same as it moved from the south coast to the north.

By half past nine in the evening, about 62,000 customers were without electricity in a total of about a hundred municipalities. There have also been problems with rail traffic for various reasons along the evening on different sections of the track.

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Of the day a very gust of wind in the land has so far been measured in Luhanga, Central Finland, on the island of Judinsalo, measured at 29.3 meters per second in Luhanga. On Monday, winds of more than 31.3 meters per second were measured in Oulu.

In southern Finland, heavy weather caused heavy rains and winds in the early evening. In southwestern Finland, for example, the thunder front rained so much water that many basements in Salo flooded, the rescue service said.

According to the Rescue Department, the thunderstorm also caused more than ten flood control tasks in the Kuopio urban area in a short time.

In South Savo, there have been more than a hundred storm damage missions since the afternoon, but according to the rescue service, no one has been injured.

The Central Finland Rescue Department, for its part, says that it has been given about 70 damage prevention tasks as a result of the thunderstorm.

On call According to meteorologist Hannu Valta, small thunderstorms have also moved outside the actual large-scale thunder front, for example in the Northeast and the Oulu region.

The warmest today has been in Southeast Finland. Today, the highest readings of the day, 33.2 degrees, were measured in Parikkala.

Yesterday, Parikkala measured the highest temperature so far this summer, 33.6 degrees.

The hardest heat will subside after Wednesday. By the end of the week we will be 25 degrees on both sides, but the 30 degree heat will disappear to Russia.

Thunderstorms also calm down by night. In eastern Finland it may rain on Thursday.

Towards Midsummer, the weather pours out, but there may be occasional showers and thunderstorms.



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