Weather Lumipyry will test the Helsinki region again on Thursday: half of the A and K trains during rush hour were canceled in advance, a slipper warning for pedestrians

The Finnish Meteorological Institute has given Thursday a warning about both very bad driving conditions and the risk of slipping.

Helsinki a snowstorm is promised for the region on Thursday, which is predicted to make life more difficult. The Finnish Meteorological Institute has issued a warning to motorists in Uusimaa about very bad driving conditions and a warning to pedestrians about the risk of slipping.

There will be 5–10 centimeters of new snow in the permit, which is clearly less than in the previous week.

“However, it comes accompanied by a moderate southeast wind, so it sniffs comfortably when it rains the hardest in the afternoon,” says the meteorologist on duty Oscar Rock From the Finnish Meteorological Institute. “Yes, it feels like ten cents.”

Helsinki Region Transport (HSL) announced on Wednesday evening that commuter train services will be reduced in popularity. A and K trains run at 20-minute intervals during peak periods instead of the usual 10-minute intervals. In practice, therefore, every other shift has already been canceled in advance. Correspondingly, trains run longer than usual during busy times.

By reducing train traffic, the aim is to ensure that even some trains can run without problems.

Disruptions and exceptional routes are also possible in bus and tram traffic, HSL’s in the bulletin is told.

For walkers it is worth preparing for slipperiness on Thursday. The sidewalks are very slippery in the afternoon as the snow on them becomes slippery. The risk of slipping is considerable, the Finnish Meteorological Institute warns.

For motorists, on the other hand, the driving distance becomes very bad from the early morning due to snowdrift and dusting. Major traffic disruptions are possible, motorists will be warned.

According to the forecasts of both Foreca and the Finnish Meteorological Institute, Thursday’s rain will also be snow in Helsinki, as the temperature is forecast to remain clearly on the frost side on Thursday.


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