Weather | June can start off cool: “It’s not impossible that there could also be sleet”

The week starts in the eastern and northern parts of the country with rain showers, elsewhere it is cloudy.

On Monday the day will be dusty except for the eastern and northern parts of the country, says the Finnish Meteorological Institute. In the eastern and northern parts, there will be some showers during the day.

“It’s not about a unified rain area,” says the meteorologist on duty at the Finnish Meteorological Institute Jari Tuovinen.

Western Finland is protected from rain during the day, and the morning can be sunny, but the cloudiness increases towards the evening and light rains can occur around eight and nine in the evening.

When the rain showers have receded in the west, the weather clears up and the wind weakens. According to Tuovinen, this could mean that the region of Ostrobothnia is facing a frosty night. The risk of frost is lower in the east and south due to wind and cloudiness.

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The temperature will be between 11 and 16 degrees in most of the country on Monday. In Lapland, the temperature fluctuates by ten degrees on both sides. According to Tuovinen, it is warmest in the interior of the south, where the mercury rises to 16 degrees.

“It’s not a wedding reading, but June is about to start,” he says.

According to Tuovinen low and high pressure areas will alternate in the beginning week. It is still quite dry, although localized areas of rain occur almost daily. Rainy areas, however, are concentrated in the central and northern parts of the country. The further south you go, the drier and sunnier it is in general.

Especially the first day of June, i.e. Thursday, can be cool.

“It is not completely impossible that sleet deaf people could also come between Oulu and Kuusamo and in Eastern Lapland,” says Tuovinen.

In the beginning week, a couple of days will be close to so-called normal, a couple of days will be colder than normal, and one day can be really chilly.

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“Thursday and Friday seem a bit boring. It occurs to me that we are living here in the beginning of June or the beginning of May. It doesn’t necessarily show in the temperatures, but there is a risk of frost almost every night somewhere, and the rain can be something other than water,” says Tuovinen.

“It often comes to mind that the great weather is starting to resemble a month back more than June.”

According to Tuovinen, when moving to June, for example in southern Finland, the usual daytime temperature would be 17–18 degrees.

“And it’s not too bad from the beginning of the week when you move around at 15-16 degrees, but yes, the nights are quite cold. Both night and day temperatures show a downward deviation. The average temperature is generally two to three degrees colder.”

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