Weather “It’s going to be horizontal” – A snowstorm like the one seen only twice a decade hits the Helsinki region on Saturday

A snowstorm is coming to the metropolitan area starting on Saturday, starting with a southerly south wind. On Sunday, the storm takes new strength from the tasting spacing from the East.

Half The decade’s snow poison is permitted to the metropolitan area from Saturday. First, the ravenous wind blows from the south and the southern side, that is, from the sea, in the gust of up to 20 meters per second. When the low pressure then trimmed over the metropolitan area, the Bulletin will turn to cure the east.

According to the weather model, the snowfall seems to start on Saturday afternoon. First, notice the intensification of the southerly wind. Especially from noon to evening the wind is very gusty.

It is already snowing in the early evening. The heaviest phase is forecast to be on Saturday from 3pm to 10pm.

“It comes quite horizontally. A snow-like image of it is drawn to the mind, “anticipate duty-in-law meteorologist Jari Tuovinen From the Finnish Meteorological Institute.

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The expected endeavor has been named Valtter.

Dog leather is expected on Sunday from about 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. Then the Low Pressure Center has progressed to the position where the Helsinki metropolitan area has a tyven break from pursuing.

On Sunday, the wind turns east. It starts blowing from the direction of Russia in Ladoga. Then, for example, in the direction of Oulu, it has already cleared up, but in the south the myth is gaining strength again.

The snowfall starts to break as Sunday progresses, but the storm only fades on Monday morning.

With this nothing has been felt in the winter. Snow is expected to be 30 cents on either side. A strong wind blows the snow.

“There may be half a meter of kino in the direction of a suitable wind,” says Tuovinen.

According to Tuovinen, there are about two such snowstorms in the Helsinki metropolitan area about twice a decade. Traffic can be expected to pick up. Plowing equipment should be dug up with every moving game.

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Bridge times the snow load is not facilitated by the otherwise partial entry of storms as sleet or water typical of the south coast. The temperature when appears to be between zero and minus two. Admittedly, that is a good thing for power lines.

“The south wind with its gusts doesn’t encourage the snow to stick to the trees. For Tykkylume, the temperature should be between zero and plus 1.5 degrees, ”says Tuovinen.

The trees are also well attached to the frost and under the snow. Large branches can break in gusts.

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