Weather Helsinki woke up to enjoy the spring and the townspeople snuggled out to enjoy the sunlight – the spring heat record was broken in Kaarina

On Saturday, spectacular outdoor activities drew crowds to the streets and beaches of the capital. On Sunday, the weather can be even warmer.

Helsinki and at the same time almost the whole of Finland can rejoice at least during this weekend in the amazing spring weather, where the temperature rises to about fifteen degrees and the sun shines from the blue sky.

On Saturday, great outdoor activities drew people to the streets and beaches of Helsinki. At the measuring point of Malmi Airport, the temperature rose by more than 16 degrees in the afternoon.

Meteorologist on duty at the Finnish Meteorological Institute Antti Kokko briefly and clearly described the weather situation over the weekend on Saturday morning:

“It’s a very spring. On Sunday, it might be a little warmer, ”says Kokko.

Norbert Molle and Vilme Reen trained on a slack line. Norbert has been practicing the sport for a couple of years, today was his first experiment this year. For Vilme, the time was the first in adulthood.­

People gathered in Helsinki’s Alpine Park on Saturday to enjoy the warm weather.­

Clear the days of the blue skies continue into the early part of the week, but temperatures drop slightly.

“There is high pressure on Scandinavia and the weather is clear. On Saturday and Sunday, the wind here in the south of the country is weak or moderate, and the wind direction is from the northeast, i.e. from the top of the continent. The sun can heat up, ”Kokko describes.

The warmest on Saturday was in Southwest Finland: Kaarina even broke the record for the current year, when the temperature was exactly 18 degrees in the afternoon.

According to the Finnish Meteorological Institute, Finland’s all-time April temperature record is from 1921. At that time, on April 27, a temperature of 25.5 degrees was measured in Jyväskylä.

The warm and dry weather was also evident in the familiar spring phenomenon: grass and field fires caught fire in several different places along Finland.

Jussi Vasara (right), Pentti Itkonen and Vellu Piirainen played ball in the Kumpula meadow.­

If the weekend degrees feel warmer than usual, they have it too. Forecasts now promise a couple of degrees warmer than normal at this time of year.

On Monday, for example, Vantaa may still have sixteen degrees, while Helsinki, which is closer to the sea, may have about five less. The difference in temperatures is due to the wind turning to blow from the cold sea.

Elle Saijets (right), Simeon Saari, Elena Rautakoski and Aada Perkkiö spent the evening in Lenin Park in Alppila.­

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