Weather Helleraja broke in Helsinki for the first time this summer – how long will June continue in the heat?

Schoolchildren get to start their first week of summer vacation in sunny weather. However, at the end of next week, the weather may turn around.

Helleraja broke in Helsinki for the first time this year today, Sunday. 11.10. the meter showed 25.3 degrees in Kumpula.

“Helsinki is one of the last places in Finland that had not yet reached the limit of heat this summer,” says a meteorologist from the Finnish Meteorological Institute. Jari Tuovinen.

According to Tuovinen, there will be no shocking change in the weather in the coming days. The weather continues to be mostly sunny and weak winds.

That means that tomorrow, too, the south will rise close to the border of Heller – and maybe even over it again.

In Eastern Finland, In central Finland and Ostrobothnia, the temperature can rise to as much as 27 degrees on Monday in the wettest places.

From the beginning of the week, the probability of showers will also increase. Particularly on Tuesday, cloudy weather and showers and thunderstorms are forecast inland. Consequently, the temperature also drops the heat reading to around 20-22 degrees.

On Wednesday, the weather will warm up again, and the heat will be rushed in different parts of Finland, except Lapland.

Schoolchildren the first holiday week is thus mostly spent in very summery weather.

However, as with traditional June, hot summer days may turn cooler next weekend.

“There are signs that during the week the rainy and warm weather type may change in a more unstable direction. Then the temperatures can drop to around 15–20 degrees, ”Tuovinen says.



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