Weather Helle charmed – photographer Antti Yrjönen toured people who rejoiced on the shores of Helsinki

The warm weather for the rest of the week made many city dwellers dig into bikinis and swimwear from the closet and head to the beaches to enjoy life and summer.

Summer, finally here!

There was a heat wave over the Helsinki metropolitan area on Friday, which also pampered people on Saturday. And the same going on will continue next week.

The temperature rose to close to thirty degrees in Espoo and Vantaa on Friday. In Helsinki, the highest measured temperature was less than 25 degrees, but on Saturday, heat readings were reached in the capital as well.

Photographer Antti Yrjönen toured Helsinki’s beaches, capturing happy moods and questioning people’s memories of beach life.

Griffin Saka had come to Hietaniemi beach in Espoo to meet her daughter.

Olli Ruikka had arranged a day of her own and came to spend it on the beach of Hietaniemi. Ruikka misses the sea because it is an element that unites the whole world. His earliest memories of the sea are the mussels and jellyfish found in the grandfather’s cottage in Taivassalo and on the beach.

Julia Kokki was on a picnic on Munkkiniemi beach with her friends on Friday. They ordered food directly on the beach at Wolt.

Sebastian Sloka spent Saturday with his friends on Pihlajasaari. His most memorable beach memory is from Australia, where he camped overnight on an empty beach. The sunset colored the sky a pink tent, and Sloka felt a sense of belonging to nature.

Laura Eviluoto spent a summer day on the shores of Munkkiniemi with her friends on Friday. Eviluoto remembers how, as a child, swimming on the beach resulted in her back tanning faster than the rest of her body.

One of Minna Taskinen’s best beach memories is located on Aurinkolahti’s beach. With a night swim in July a few years ago, the water was warm and the sunset was beautiful.

Eero Kahva and Iida Pöntinen and their friends were relaxing on Pihlajasaari. Pihlajasaari was Pöntinen’s idea. The plans were just to take the day casually. The handle’s early memories of the beach are from Benidorm, Spain, where his aunt lived, and Pöntinen’s from the lake, Iisalmi.

Viveka Vihavainen was on Munkkiniemi beach for the first time on Friday. The beach memories of Vihavainen’s childhood, who hails from Central Finland, are from the cottage by the lake.

Joose Lankia (left) and Visa Aaltonen came to Hietaniemi to play beach volleyball with a group of friends who have become acquainted with each other on the beach during high school. The group goes to different beaches to play. There were so many people in Hietsu on Friday that they had not been able to play at half past five in the evening. But waiting on the beach on a beautiful summer evening was no problem.

Marika Nousiainen’s early beach memories are from Tiilika’s Russian sand beach. In the middle of nature, on the shore of Lake Tiilikkajärvi National Park, you can also make coffee by the campfire, and you can camp by the beach. On Friday, he enjoyed the beach at Aurinkolahti.

Maija Möttönen and her friends spent a summer day at Munkkiniemi beach. The beach was the first thing that came to Möttönen’s mind. Water is a close element for Möttönen, as she works as a professional mermaid.

Carl-Oscar Wencel arrived in Pihlajasaari on Saturday morning. His girlfriend had been on the island with her friends for the night.

Jaspar Kapanen was visiting his friend on Friday, and the beautiful air attracted him to the shores of Hietaniemi. When Kapanen visits Hietsu, the reason is often the basketball court found on the beach. The best beach memories of Kapanen are from a holiday in Dubrovnik, Croatia, where you could jump into the sea from a cliff.

Jonna Korhonen and her friends celebrated their birthdays on Hietaniemi beach on Thursday. Roosa Nieminen had set a balance cloth between the trees. A group of friends go to the beaches to train.



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