Weather Half of Finland received a more permanent snow cover, and the repair of the damage caused by Storm Liisa continues

In southern and central Finland, snow melts quickly. Continuing strong winds over the weekend can hamper repairing the damage from Storm Liisa.

Snow satoi on Friday almost the whole country, but only northern Finland probably got a more permanent snow cover.

Meteorologist on duty at Foreca Ilkka Alangon according to the snow now came for a longer time at least to Lapland, North Ostrobothnia and North Karelia.

“More snow is coming to Northern Finland in the coming days and it also seems to be staying. Rainfall is not up there. ”

In southern and central Finland, on the other hand, the snow will soon melt away. The rains come as water from Saturday.

“The rainfall is plentiful and yes those snow leaves everyone,” says Alanko.

See image summary: Snow covered the metropolitan area

Before now the snowfall has been snow all over the country really only in Arm Lapland.

In Kilpisjärvi, the snow was 15–30 cents, elsewhere in Lapland 0–2 cents.

Now the snow fell the most in southern Lapland, and in Ranua the snow depth was already measured at 26 cents.

According to Alango, more snow will come to Lapland during the weekend. The snow area moves east over Finland. In southern and western Finland, rain turns into water.

Next the weather for the week looks mild. In the south and west, the week is spent in the sign of a plus. In the north we stay on the frosty side.

Rainfall is low and comes in the north as snow and sleet, in the south as water.

Thursday Lisa Storm affected southern Finland in particular, and repairing its damage continues. The gusts blew at about 17 to 20 meters per second and in the windiest areas up to 25 meters per second.

At worst, electricity was cut from more than 75,000 households. On Friday morning, more than 20,000 households were still short of electricity.

Wind gets hard in gusts over the weekend, at least on the southwest and south coasts.

“Strong gusts blowing at twenty meters per second can come on a Saturday night off the coast. Inland, they stay at 15 meters per second. The gusts are not as severe as on Thursday, ”describes Alanko.

However, according to Alango, strong winds over the weekend may hamper the repair of the damage caused by Storm Liisa.


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