Weather Finnish Meteorological Institute warns: Bad driving all over Finland on Wednesday – According to the meteorologist, there are several reasons

On Thursday, unusually high temperatures can be seen in Finland.

Size the country has been given a bad driving warning on Wednesday. There are more than one reasons for poor driving conditions, says a meteorologist on duty Heikki Sinisalo From the Finnish Meteorological Institute.

“First, the cooling of the weather across the country is pretty significant. It softens the road surface, ”says Sinisalo.

Temperatures rise to zero or above in much of the country. In Åland and the archipelago of Southwest Finland, the temperature levels can be from two to four.

In places where the road surface has been snowy or icy until now, rising temperatures will make the road surface dangerous. Although above zero is not reached in Lapland, for example, condensation changes the structure of the road surface there as well.

In addition snowfall and icy drizzle are expected on Wednesday. Snow is especially sought after in Lapland.

The rainy area passes during the day from Lapland in the Arm towards southern Lapland and the central parts of the country in the early evening.

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There is a strong wind coming in, so the snow is really trying, Sinisalo says. The wind may also dust the snow on the ground. Elsewhere in Finland, the wind is light, mostly in Northern Ostrobothnia and Kainuu.

“The gusts exceed ten meters per second with pretty good certainty,” says Sinisalo.

The second, slightly earlier rainforest brings some snow and icy drizzles in the morning to the eastern and southern coasts of the country.

Thursday is getting even warmer on Wednesday. In Finland, temperatures of up to seven degrees can be seen on the south-west coast and in Åland.

“In the southern part of the country, the daytime temperature on Thursday is quite close to five degrees,” says Sinisalo.

The frosts will return to Lapland on Thursday and elsewhere in Finland no later than the weekend. But did the warm weather have time to melt all the snow?

“There is so much snow that it is not melting, at least not from Åland,” says Sinisalo.

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“Yes, there will probably be some snow cover left in Uusimaa as well.”

According to Sinisalo, the forecasts show that the highest temperatures will go to the rare side. It means that similar temperatures occur less than once every ten years.

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