Weather A snowstorm sweeps over Finland today, driving was badly bad

According to the forecast, the largest snow accumulation will hit the western parts of the country.

Finland over swept today by an extensive snow front, and the driving style becomes largely bad.

Meteorological Department by snow strikes during the day in the western part of the country and at the same time the weather condenses in the southwestern archipelago. From there, the rainy area moves further east and north. Pyry will only have time for what Lapland knows on Friday, the Finnish Meteorological Institute forecast yesterday.

Wednesday night’s forecast says the biggest snowfall will hit the western parts of the country.

“For example, with the knowledge of Vaasa, it can snow 10–15 centimeters. Satakunta and Ostrobothnia, to some extent also extend to the central parts of the country, they are the wettest areas, ”meteorologist on duty Oscar Rock listed.

In the south, snowfall is no more than ten cents.

Today, the warning for dangerous traffic is valid from the very south all the way to the heights of Central Ostrobothnia, Central Finland and Northern Savonia.


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