Weather A person died in a storm under a fallen tree in Oulu

Heavy gusts and heavy rains felled the trees and caused the streets to flood. The stormy weather continues in Northern Ostrobothnia and Kainuu at the beginning of the week.

One a man died in Oulu on Monday when a tree fell on him due to a storm, the Oulu police department says.

On Monday afternoon, the police and the rescue department were given a rescue mission in the Hiukkavaara outdoor area in Oulu, according to which the person has been left under a tree.

At the scene, police found out that the first aid unit on the spot had found the outdoorman left under the tree felled by the storm dead.

Police will continue to investigate the cause of death, and will not provide further information.

Half by four, the Oulu-Koillismaa Rescue Department had received about 70 missions from fallen trees, flooded streets and other storm damage. Some of the trees had also fallen on people.

“Puuskatuuli, which was blowing 31.3 meters per second, was measured in the port of Vihreäsaari just before three in the afternoon, and Puuskatuuli, which was 23.6 meters per second, was measured at Oulu Airport,” says the meteorologist on duty. Oscar Rock From the Finnish Meteorological Institute.

Heavy thunderstorms also occurred elsewhere in Northern Ostrobothnia and Kainuu.

“Finland has already measured 12,000 flashes of land this day, of which the vast majority are related to this thunderstorm. It’s the very lightning rate of the year so far, ”Rockas said at about half past seven in the evening.

Town’s the heavy thunder front that passed over also brought with it heavy rains and even hail. For example, 28.2 millimeters of water fell per hour at the measuring point at Rovaniemi Airport and 17.4 millimeters at Ranua Airport.

“It has rained by pouring water. The warning limit for heavy rain is 20 millimeters per hour, ”Rockas says.

The reason the air masses have met the violent air around Oulu. The weather is very hot and humid in southern Finland and cool in the north.

On Monday evening, strong thunder fronts slowly moved off the coast of Northern Ostrobothnia from Oulu to Salla in southern Lapland. At the same time, the second front moved east from Kemi and Rovaniemi.

According to Rockas, thunder fronts are slowly moving east. Under the front you can thunder until midnight.

“On Tuesday, thunderstorms seem to rejoice.”

On Tuesday, thunderstorms will occur in the area extending from Ostrobothnia to the Northeast. The heaviest thunderstorms and heavy rains are expected in Oulu, Seinäjoki, Ylivieska, Kokkola, Kajaani and Kuusamo. On Wednesday, the thunderstorm-friendly area will move to the eastern part of the country and to Kainuu.

Heavy rains can cause urban flooding in agglomerations. The Finnish Meteorological Institute also warns of possible power outages in sparsely populated areas.

The video published by Ilta-Sanomat shows how heavy rain rippled Oulu.



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