Weather A heat wave hits Europe over the weekend – temperatures of up to 38 degrees Celsius are expected in Berlin

Temperatures are well above average in Eastern Europe. Spring was exceptionally cool in Europe.

The dog was cooling off in a fountain in Berlin on Thursday.

Finns are not alone with their heat today or in the days to come, weather forecasts across Europe appear. Temperatures of up to 37-38 degrees are expected in the German capital, Berlin, around the weekend, as the German Meteorological Institute anticipates.

On Friday, the European weather forecast map seemed confusingly unified: Moscow 28 degrees, Athens (30), Paris (29) and Stockholm (30). Similar readings are expected in Helsinki over the weekend, and on Friday the hell limit was reached, ie a temperature of 25 degrees.

In many places, high temperatures in Europe are likely to be welcomed, at least in early summer, as last spring was the coldest in Europe in eight years, as was the case with the UN World Meteorological Organization (WMO). informed last week.

According to WMO, temperatures in Europe in March-May averaged 0.45 degrees Celsius below the 1991-2020 average.

“Just because this year started relatively cool compared to recently doesn’t mean we’ve taken a break from climate change,” the organization’s spokesman said. Clare Nullis stated.

Summer heat was enjoyed in Turnov, Czech Republic on Thursday.

In Finland was in the spring quite a long-term average, or slightly above it, says the meteorologist of the Finnish Meteorological Institute Hannu Valta.

According to the authorities, June in Finland, on the other hand, has started exceptionally warm. Across the country, the first half of the month has been 3 to 6 degrees above normal temperatures and in some places records of measurement history have been broken.

“Yes, this has been unusually warm across the country,” Power says.

According to the Finnish Meteorological Institute, the year 2020 was the warmest in the history of Finnish measurements. The same year was also the warmest in European measurement history, the European Union’s Copernicus program informed.

Globally, last year was the warmest in measurement history: a tie was recorded globally with the 2016 situation.

Tuesday moods in the summer heat of Geneva, Switzerland. Teacher Anne Sprungli from Roseraie School was on her way to the Red Cross Museum with her class. The group paused for a moment to cool off at the UN Square fountains.

Last Temperatures that are well above normal values ​​have been measured in other parts of Europe than in Finland. In Berlin, for example, the highest average daily temperatures are on average 22 degrees in June, but are now well above 30 degrees.

The AccuWeather service said on tuesday that thunderstorms have cooled the air in Western Europe, but Eastern Europe was expected to have 5 to 11 degrees Celsius warmer days in the next few days than usual in June at this time.

In the Polish capital, Warsaw, a straight pipe with temperatures of 30 degrees was expected for about a week on Friday. It is clearly different from how the Weather Atlas site works describes the city’s regular June:

“June, the first month of summer, is pleasant in Warsaw. Temperatures range on average from 21.9 degrees Celsius to 11.3 degrees Celsius. ”

Meteorological the institution is told that the situation in Europe as a whole in June and its possible deviation from the long-term averages will only become clear with a delay when the continent’s statistics are compiled.

London, on the other hand, is expected to weather in the next few days, reminiscent of the average historical stereotype: rainy and at times chilly.

The M20 motorway was dangerously slippery on Friday at Aylesford in south-east London.



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