Weapons Thousands of Finns lose their weapons licenses due to crime or behavior – the police may also have to consider the matter with the NRA chairman

Runo K. Kurko, chairman of the National Rifle Association (NRA), is accused of inciting against a group of people. If he were convicted, the police might have to consider losing any weapons licenses.

Large the number of Finns, about 3,000, lose their weapons licenses every year because the police no longer consider them fit to possess weapons due to their health or behavior.

The cases are routine basic work for police departments, weighing the impact of action, health, and behavior on the right to possess a weapon.

The more serious the crime, the more likely you are to lose your gun license. According to police, almost any criminal behavior can lead to the start of a permit review that leads to the revocation of permits.

It leads to, for example, violent crimes, drug crimes, property crimes, damages, illegal threats, fraud, serious financial crimes and serious traffic crimes.

The acts do not have to involve a weapon, but in the permit consideration, the end result can still be the loss of the weapon permit and weapons. One of the most important questions in permitting consideration is whether one can be confident that a person is using his or her weapon correctly.

Thus, for example, a person convicted of serious financial crimes may lose their weapon, even if the weapons are not related to the crimes. However, the police may find that the verdict shows disregard for other rules of the game in society and takes away the weapons.

HS said Monday that he was chairman of the National Rifle Association (NRA) Poem by K. Kurkoa against has been charged with incitement against a group of people.

The district will not be visited until the autumn, but if he is also convicted of it, the police may have a special case to consider in which it will have to weigh the right of the leader of the arms association to possess possible weapons. The exact content of the charge is not known until the trial begins.

Chief of Arms Administration of the Police Board Mika Lehtonen does not take a position on the case, but states in general terms that the offense in question would be rare in the consideration of revocation.

“Basically, the title is starting to be an act of the severity class that triggers consideration, but I don’t know more about this particular case. Such a title can contain many different ways of doing things, ”says Lehtonen.

According to him, the consideration would consider the risk that the act poses to the misuse of weapons. What matters is also how the court assesses the act in general.

“I emphasize the importance of case-by-case consideration, that is, whether an act demonstrates that a person is unfit to possess weapons. And does the act show that the person at all is disregarding the law. It would also be assessed whether the weapons are in any way related to incitement against a group of people, ”Lehtonen says.

“The premise is that revoking permits is not a punishment. It protects life and health and creates public safety. ”

Consideration will therefore only begin after the verdict, but the police will always have the option of temporarily taking possession of the weapons as well.

Some those who have lost their weapons permit feel abused. Every year, a few hundred take their case to administrative courts, which may also end up in a different solution than the police.

“Complaining per se may be worthwhile. It is good that we have guidelines in administrative law so that we know whether we have done the right thing, ”says Lehtonen.

For example, the police in Inner Finland opened their policies last July when they said that almost 400 people in their area lost their weapons permits last year.

The police in Inland Finland said that they would start a weapons review if, for example, the police have reason to suspect that the licensee has a substance abuse problem. It said the process will start, among other things, if the licensee has two tube trips during the year.

According to Lehtonen, administrative rights have outlined that weapons are not yet lost due to basic drunk driving. However, perpetrators of aggravated drink-driving generally lose them.

Police also point out that consideration of a permit always begins if the licensee has reason to suspect that the weapon is being kept in violation of the Firearms Act. If the weapons fall into the wrong hands because the weapons have been stored in violation of the law, the weapons permits will be revoked, the police promise.

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