Weapons Spanish police raided the Canary Islands – Illegal factory found to manufacture weapons with a 3D printer

Details of the raid last September were only now revealed.

Assault rifle, pistols, two remote control and a jungle knife. At least these guns were found in a raid by Spanish police at an illegal gun factory where guns were made with a 3D printer, authorities said on Sunday.

The raid was carried out as early as last autumn at a factory in Santa Cruz de Tenerife in the Canary Islands, but police have only now revealed details of the finding. The owner of an illegal arms factory has been arrested and is charged with illegal possession of weapons and explosives.

Weapons factory devices related to 3D printing were also found. They were able to make the barrel of the gun in just a few minutes, the Spanish national police said in a statement, according to news agency Reuters.

In addition to this, police found literature related to terrorism and the urban war, as well as a manual for making explosives with a 3D printer. The arms manufacturer found literature related to white domination, as well as a holster with a badge used by the German army during World War II.

Police special forces and bomb squads were involved in the raid to identify chemicals that could be used in explosives, the press release said.

Police also found nine gun leaves, two mufflers, two rifle barrels, and a plastic mold that could be used to make a trigger, sight, and other small handgun parts in the raid.

The operation took place on September 14 last year, but was kept secret until police clarified the details.

Authorities around the world are concerned about the possibility of illegal weapons being produced by 3D printing. For example, a gunman who attacked a Jewish synagogue in Germany in October 2019 had, according to press reports, used parts made with a 3D printer in his weapons.

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