“We barely greet the stairwell, but I hear him having sex in the hallway” – HS readers say what they have learned from their neighbors due to poor sound insulation

Dog howls, refrigerator hum and TV series theme music. The voices of the neighborhood carried into readers ’homes show that effective sound insulation is anything but a matter of course in many condominiums.

“Holder housewarming parties with fewer guests than expected. The neighbor, however, heard the sounds of celebration. We took the cheesecake and drinks on offer in our armpits and set out to find the source of the sound. In the end, we spent a nice evening with our neighbors. ”

Female, 26

“The most memorable situation was when there was a mic rumble from a neighbor. In addition, the discussions were clear to us – and just about anything else we wouldn’t even want to hear. ”

Female, 36

Every weekend includes the sounds of music and celebration played by the neighbors. The worst of all was the emotion when at two o’clock at night I woke up to the hatch of Hector’s song How to Claim. ”

Female, 32

HS Asked recent readers ’experiences of poor sound insulation in condominiums. More than 300 people responded to the survey.

There are room for funny, surprising, and even tragic stories about how startlingly a neighbor’s voices can carry into another apartment. When the walls are like paper, over time, a completely unknown neighbor begins to feel like a close friend whose life knows a little too much.



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