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Water level is falling, but danger has not passed: will the dikes hold up? | flood

Earth is continuously poured against the dike west of Well with an excavator. Full trucks drive in and out. Because around this place it is exciting. The dike is saturated, water is coming under it. The street is wet. “It’s pretty acute, yes. If we do nothing, it is almost certain that it will blow,” says André Boogerd, who traveled to Limburg from Zeeland to help his colleagues.

A group of soldiers also came to help. Because tarpaulin has to be placed and large sandbags will be placed to give the dike counter-pressure.

For the water boards it is precisely the saturation of the dikes that is exciting today. The Maas has been high for so long that the protective walls become too wet. “The water seems to be returning, but it is still against the dikes. As long as that is the case, the danger has not passed,” says inspector Ivo van Enckevort of the Limburg Water Board.

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