War of Ukraine Refugee per second: Departures from Ukraine gave birth to the fastest growing refugee crisis in recent history

From Ukraine the refugee now leaves every second. This was recently stated by the head of a Norwegian aid organization, and the estimate was by no means exaggerated.

Rather, it was downstairs. Ukraine has fled more than two million people in just over a million seconds, or twelve days.

By far the largest number of Ukrainian war refugees is now in Poland, 1.2 million. Hungary has received almost two hundred thousand and Slovakia almost 150,000 refugees. The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) collects data from the authorities at border crossing points.

Experienced aid workers who have witnessed many wars and famines now say this is the fastest growing refugee crisis they have witnessed for decades.

Nine out of ten Ukrainian refugees are children and women. Men must remain defending their homeland, as Ukraine will not allow men between the ages of 18 and 60 to leave the country.

Ukraine’s border with Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania and Moldova is more than 2,500 kilometers long. There are thirty border crossings on the way.

People fled the city of Irpin near Kiev on Sunday.

Less than a hundred thousand refugees have also left for Russia, but much less. Belarus has received the least of its neighbors, less than a thousand.

Ukraine despite the huge numbers of refugees in the western neighborhood, it has not yet been necessary to build such large reception centers and refugee camps as have been seen in Jordan during the Syrian war. The majority of Ukrainian refugees so far appear to have stayed with their relatives and acquaintances.

Before the war, it was estimated that he was working abroad three million Ukrainian. The majority of them lived in Poland, the Czech Republic, Italy and the Baltic countries. In Italy, Ukrainian seasonal workers have been one of the most important groups of workers on farms.

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Ukrainian migrant workers sent home 14 billion euros in 2020, the World Bank estimates. They have played a significant role in the Ukrainian economy.

In total, 6-20 million Ukrainians lived in other countries before the war. Estimates vary depending on who is still considered Ukrainian. There were most of them Russia (1.9 million), Canada (1.4 million), the United States (1 million), Brazil (600,000) and Kazakhstan (260,000).

The mother and daughter traveled by bus across the Ukrainian border to Poland on Tuesday.

The number of refugees has, of course, been seen in just two weeks. The UN has predicted that four million Ukrainians may leave the country, but that too is only an estimate.

Moldova, with a population of 2.5 million, has received the most Ukrainians in terms of population to date. The country’s prime minister said back in the weekend that Moldova needed foreign aid.

According to news reports from various countries, many refugees continue to the west of Eastern Europe. No statistics are available for these trips. Schengen countries can cross borders without passport control.

The EU has promised that Ukrainians will be allowed to stay in the EU for up to three years. In relation to the number of refugees, there have been few applications for asylum. They have apparently been left only by those who have had no accommodation other than a reception center.

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From Ukraine has also arrived from citizens of countries other than Ukraine. More than 120 citizens of the country have come to Poland. Among them have been, among others, Togolese and Cameroonians. Africans in particular have been reported to have encountered racism on the run.

“The majority of African students are young men. They are asked to make room for the weaker, ”Poland said just announced. According to Poland, waiting times for students at borders are longer than for women, children and the elderly. Without a reliable ID, the waiting time will be further extended, the authority bulletin warns.

In Poland, the number of refugees is starting to show everywhere: at train stations, airports, hotels. One Warsaw employee described the show as depressing on Tuesday. Poles are doing what they can: distribute food and their homes and provide car rides.

The greater part about 41 million Ukrainians are still in Ukraine. However, more than a million of them have also left their homes and moved elsewhere in the country. Hundreds of thousands of people have fled to the city of Lviv near the Polish border.

The fighting has progressed so fast that, according to the UN, 12 million Ukrainians are already in need of outside help within Ukraine.

According to the Ukrainian authorities, there were about 650,000 people without electricity in the country from the beginning of the week. Natural gas had already been cut off by about 130,000 people. In some areas, residents are without tap water. Repairing the damage would require a break in firing.

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In the besieged city of Mariupol, residents are running out of food and water. Electricity and heating are cut off. Cloudy and rainy weather and night frost are forecast for the next few days. In the Kiev region in the north, the temperature drops to almost ten degrees at night.

Ukraine’s defense minister again accused Russia on Tuesday that the promised humanitarian corridor was not safe for the evacuation of Mariupol.

UN according to the war had killed 474 civilians by Tuesday afternoon and more than 850 had been injured. The actual numbers are “probably much higher,” the UN recalls.

For example, no confirmed data have been received on the situation in Volnovaha, Mariupol and Izjum. There are reportedly as many as hundreds of civilian casualties.

“Not a day has gone by without news of dozens of civilian casualties. They are caused by the occasional bomb and rocket attacks on major Ukrainian cities, ”said the UN envoy to Ukraine. Evhenija Filipenko In Geneva on Tuesday.

The International Committee of the Red Cross alone has announced that it will need EUR 250 million to help Ukrainians this year.

Grant money is needed to secure access to water and food, blankets, build and maintain refugee camps, provide health care, psychological support, humanitarian assistance at border crossings, search for missing family members, and so on.

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